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Why Invest in Condor Group Dubai

If you want to make real estate investments but need clarification about where to invest correctly, then Dubai is the best place. The real estate market of Dubai is known for giving better returns to investors.

Why Invest in Condor Group Dubai

Dubai is a land of success even for foreigners, as foreigners are also allowed to invest in Dubai. In Dubai, there are many real estate developer groups, but Condor Group stands out. 
Many property developers and builders are in Dubai, but why choose Condor Group? Because they have a good reputation and are one of Dubai's most respected real estate organizations. 

We already know about the beauty of Dubai, but it's not the only aspect that Dubai offers; Dubai's housing and commercial properties have unique features. Even for foreigners, these offers are not limited. You will find every possible ideal deal with Condor Group. 

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About Condor Group

Condor Group is a dream started by its CEO, Sivaprasad, in 1983, taking over the Dubai market. Condor Group is not limited to the UAE; its excellence is seen in Qatar, India, and Saudi Arabia. Condor Group is a highly professional ethics organization with a depth of knowledge in real estate, especially in Dubai, with over 40 years of experience. 


Condor Group is a Dubai-based contracting company with ISO and OHSAS certifications. Condor Group has completed many projects with the organizations and companies they work with. 

These companies and organizations are part of leading government services, private companies, contractors, and semi-government firms. The Condor Group has completed over 300 projects till last year and is steadying up to complete more in the future. 

Real Estate Tycoon

There are many real estate companies in Dubai, but Condor Group is unique in its specialization in every field. They have construction solutions for residential apartments, commercial units, hospitals with specific specializations, educational buildings such as universities and schools, data centres, factories, and gas and oil industries.

With a team of almost 4000 people working just for you. Condor Group is the best company you can find in Dubai to invest your valuable money and have guaranteed returns. 

7 Reasons To Invest In Condor Group

Let's dive into the top 7 reasons to invest in Condor Group -

Trustable Organisation

Condor Group of companies is one of the trustable organizations in Dubai to invest your money. Why can you invest without hesitation? Because there have been no complaints or negatives known about Condor Group in Dubai or the entire UAE. 

The company has completed over 350 projects, but even after completing this number of projects and working for 40 years, they have provided the best quality within the budget.  The record of the Condor Group speaks for itself because the clients and investors who have previously worked with Condor Group have benefited with the highest margin of profits in the hectic market of Dubai. 

Appreciation Potential 

The investment market of Dubai has high potential. Within 40 years, Dubai has achieved a lot, but even after being in the top cities in the world, Dubai is still looking for something more even after so many years. 

From 2010 to 2020, the property growth in Dubai is 200%. You can imagine how much return you will get on your property bought in 2024. As a long-term investment, any property of Condor Group has a high potential to increase the property price by 75% in the coming 15 years. Properties such as commercial units and residential properties have high demand in Dubai.

Luxurious Homes 

You will not find anything dull in Dubai that looks unattractive, and Condor Group follows this element of Dubai, too. Condor groups have completed over 100 residential projects, and the company has sold over 10,000 units.

The product quality of Condor Group apartments is of high quality and reliable material. The construction company relies on something other than cheap materials while constructing and uses high-quality materials to build buildings. 

Better Returns

The appreciation Potential of the Condor Group is high, which already sums up to give better returns. Here, we are talking about something other than long-term investments. Only you can get good returns on short-term deals, too. You must find the right property and people to profit from short-term deals. 

The biggest positive of properties by Condor Group is the rental returns. In Dubai, not everyone can afford to buy property, but they can rent a home or commercial units. Companies in Dubai also provide rental apartments to their employees; be one to offer your property for rent. Sometimes, rent can equal the monthly instalment if you manage well enough. 

Prime Locations 

One of the main elements determining a property's price is its location. Condor Group ensures that every property they build is in the right place and is considered a prime location. 

Most of Condor Group's properties are at the centre of the city, where the central city is situated. Surrounding properties are situated near beach areas such as Palm Beach. Prime location property is considered to give high returns to its investors. 

Useful Amenities

Condor Group properties are not average residential apartments that only provide an apartment and parking space. When you buy a property from Condor Group, you automatically get a lifestyle for you, not just to exist, not live. 

Gyms, swimming pools, clubs, mini stadiums, playing areas, courts, and arenas are regular with Condor Group properties. These apartments have unique attractions, and even the staff they hire for services is known for their professional manners. 

Friendly Finance Plans

You have read about everything related to Condor Group, but finance is now the most crucial part. It would help if you had proper finances to buy property in Dubai, as Dubai has many rules and regulations. 

Condor Group will help you with your finances by providing an excellent finance plan that will fit your budget. There are no fraudulent activities involved; if you are eligible, the honest employees of the company will tell you what will work best for you. 

Top Projects by Condor Group

Now let's explore the top 3 projects by Condor Group in Dubai -

Sonate Residences

In Dubai's Jumeirah Village Triangle, there is a 32-story residential building called Sonate Residences by Condor. It is said that the building has a modern, sleek design.  The apartments offer first-rate luxury living with unique features and first-rate facilities. Some claim the apartments offer sophisticated interiors, cutting-edge features, and a prime location. The Sonate Residences developer can be found in Dubai at 203 B, Sama Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, next to the World Trade Center. 

These are the best facilities offered in the community to accommodate all age groups.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Jogging Track
  • Green Surrounding
  • Clubhouse
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping Centre
  • Security
  • Dining Outlets

This project is located in the vibrant and amiable Jumeirah Village Triangle neighbourhood of Dubai, which is 25 minutes from the city centre. In addition, many other local amenities are necessary for day-to-day living that you will discover. 

Concept 7 

Concept 7 is a 46-story residential complex by Condor Group in Dubai's Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC). The complex offers a variety of 45–105.8 m2 studios and one–to two-bedroom apartments. Concept 7 provides quick access to essential locations in Dubai and is close to the Circle Mall. Both the parking lot and the entrance to the complex are wheelchair accessible. 

Here are a few unparalleled amenities Concept 7 by Condor offers. You can relax with it after a demanding day:

  • Pool
  • Wellness center
  • Spa 
  • Gym
  • Dining options
  • And much more.

The apartments are designed to offer a luxurious, comfortable, and classy living environment. At the forefront of every detail of these homes is quality.

Condor Castle

Nestled in Dubai's Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) is the six-story residential complex known as Condor Castle. The building, which has one and two-bedroom apartments, was put into service in 2015. The Condor Group is developing Condor Castle Apartments, a seven-story apartment complex, in JVC District 11. 

Let's now take a look at the best features Condor Castle offers so that both locals and guests can live life to the fullest:

  • 24/7 security
  • High-speed elevators
  • Gym and fitness centre
  • Health club
  • Pool
  • Children play area

Best part? Els Golf Club, Dubai Autodrome, and Dubai Miracle Garden are a few of the area's well-known landmarks. The proximity is easy to navigate, making your travels more comfortable.


As a top company in Dubai, Condor Group can be your next big move in real estate investment. Condor Group's service to their investors is a treatment everyone craves. Their employees will help you in every possible way. Now you know what factors will benefit you when working for Condor Group. The amenities, security, trust, and returns should be considered before investing. 

To buy property in Condor Group, you can check various sites before visiting. The best solution will be to look for a broker. A genuine broker will help you find the right property according to your investment plan and needs. Beware of the fraudsters in Dubai; some may fall into traps set by fraud brokers. It's best to check the background of the broker you will be working with before making any transaction.

If you are looking forward to buying a property in Dubai from a trusted group like Condor or any other, contact us at Dubai Housing.

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