Safa Two By DAMAC Properties: Project Of The Month

DAMAC Safa Two new project on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai offering Studio, 1, 2 and 3 bed apartments inspired by the De GRISOGONO to bring masterpiece for modern families.

Safa Two By DAMAC Properties: Project Of The Month

‘A penny saved is a penny earned’ but if that penny is parked at the right place than your financial assets turn out to be ‘Profitable’ and for this, the lucrative platform would be the real estate investment, what do you think?

And if you concur with the statement, then you will find the best of Dubai Real Estate here by DAMAC.

So for the home buyers and investors we take the complete accountability to unveil the new project in Dubai by DAMAC “SAFA TWO” inspired by the De GRISOGONO where the home buyers can actually trust their investment as this blog will give them intact information on the project- Overview, specification, amenities, location, builder and more.

Without further ado let us take you to the “Project of the Month” with all deets below.

Sorry, but would like to talk about the builder first because one should know who is the builder? And is it trustworthy?

DAMAC PROPERTIES - It is now 20 years to the builder in the real estate Dubai industry where they have infused extensive years of experience and every time they are left no stone unturned to bring world’s best development which holds the real meaning of luxury and class.

With strong niche in the market they have delivered many award winning commercial and residential builders where they have unbar the level of development by creating modern age developments that fits in the novel needs of every home buyer or user. And as far as trust is concerned they have received 100+ awards, delivered 39,400 homes and planning to add more than 28,000 projects, so this brings stability and most importantly, you know the builder you are trusting holds the presence in the market.

Not just the UAE, but the company outspread its presence in Saudi Arabia, UK, Canada, Jordan, Maldives, Lebanon and more.

Their Latest Development Ready To Create A Benchmark

DAMAC Safa Two iconic development which is inspired by the De GRISOGONO signature rubies and the color of change. Its exclusive towers showcase the alluring scarlet shades from lobby entrance to the interior detailing and furniture.

And surely, this is going to be most prominent landmark on the city’s golden mile where its novel design presents a diamond cut style to sharpen its visibility from miles away.

The site Safa Two DAMAC park itself across the road from Safa One where together the towers form an elegant Archway creating a passage between central Dubai and new areas. And its effective and captivating designing opens up a way to enjoy the panoramic view of the city including Burj Al Arab, The Canal, The World Islands and The Palm Jumeirah.

And nothing could beat this development because the builder has added strenuous efforts to let this housing standout in every way where the podium level artificial beach pool takes you to the sands of Navagio or La Concha. Where you just can’t escape from the nature as series of palm trees and a perfect ambient create a magnificent feeling inside.

Now Your Unique Address In Dubai Crammed With Every Exotic Feeling

  • Fog forest
  • Observatory
  • Edge Walk
  • Glass Slide
  • Cafes & restaurants

Here the first ever concept of fog forest creates a gush of mist with the rooftop restaurant where one can lock in the cream of the crop experience which is not just exclusive in Dubai, but it records in the world too.

So these exclusive features and services inside the project brings families together where they stay connected to a breathtaking landscaping and the facilities that ameliorate the lifestyle, the concept is to create a city inside where everything gives you a leeway to experience each one of it.

Standard Details On DAMAC Safa Two


  • TYPOLOGY - Studio, 1, 2 & 3 Bed apartments
  • LOCATION - On Sheikh Zayed Road
  • LEVEL - 84 Floors
  • PROPERTY TYPE - Ultra luxury
  • INTERIOR - Branded fitting & fixtures & movable walls
  • USP - 2 Artificial beaches

Why Is It A Home Of The Future?

TRANSFORMATIVE - It is surely beyond your imagination where the builder DAMAC has conceptualized the home of future, here the luxury apartment given an access to the movable walls to give you better flexibility and you can make implementations and change the layout to get the core access to the given space.

This breaks the monotony as such adjustments of walls are not available in existing projects, and if they are offering so then they have acquired the upcoming nears which be a game changer for DAMAC Safa Two.

And also, its fog forest is the new concept where the families will be close to the environment while embrace the nature and best for connoisseurs. And before stepping inside you will get the bigger feel of flora & fauna to add the gush of freshness all around that uplifts your mood and the aroma altogether.

So this is what all is required to becom a "Future Home" where the home buyers get a freedom be a part of future home where inventions & ideas actually ameliorates your lifestyle.

Now let us take you to its amenities without which the project looks handicapped, and here it creates an active ambience which  works best after the sedentary day


Location Perks

  • Dubai Mall- 24 min
  • Burj Khalifa- 24 min
  • Global Village- 27 min
  • DubaiFrame- 13 min
  • Business Bay- 24 min
  • Dubai International Airport- 29 min

So top attractions are close enough and easy to drive anytime, other than this, the list of school which are located around.

Repton School 24d, Sheikh Zayed Road, Nadd Al Shiba 3, Ras Al Khor, Dubai
GEMS Modern Academy 34, Sheikh Zayed Road, Nadd Al Shiba 3, Ras Al Khor, Dubai
GEMS Education Al Futtaim Motors, 745, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Qouz Industrial   Area 3, Hadaeq Mohammed Bin Rashid, Dubai


And more infrastructures are close enough to have better access to the school, hospital, clinic, restaurants, retail shops and more.

Take The Best

Keeping everything under one roof, this futuristic home which is considered as the project of the month is a breaker for the home buyers who are seeking for home that brings adjustments as per their needs and investors who are looking for property which is under AED 1 million and that too without compromising on the luxury and class, so for both this is a ‘Lucrative Offer.’


Q- Is DAMAC Safa Two project ready?

No, it is an off plan project and completion is in 2026.

Q- Is it safe to invest in Safa Two?

Yes, it is completely safe because of the trusted builder, the location and the price before 1 million which is an attraction itself.

Q- Can I make adjustments inside an apartment?

Yes, this is what makes it the project of the month where its movable walls is the USP and as per the choice to make compact or enlarge your rooms.

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