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Burj Khalifa Flat Price – Choose Your Own Hand-Picked Option

Burj Khalifa is an iconic skyscraper gazing at all the attention and also features outstanding living spaces. You can choose the most suitable one from the widely available 1, 2, and 3 Bed options.

Burj Khalifa Flat Price – Choose Your Own Hand-Picked Option

Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower in Dubai is indeed a sensational Skyscraper building in the UAE. Best known for its towering figure and collections of luxury condominiums in the world. This towering figure is 828 meters tall and has 160 stories is a stand-out development. It is triple times taller of the famous Eiffel tower.

This iconic tower is the home to noted celebrities from Hollywood and Bollywood along with some famous personalities including the famous Giorgio Armani (Italian Fashion Designer). According to reports, the major home buyers from India own more than 900+ apartments in Burj Khalifa and most pads are occupied by Indians.

Burj Khalifa Flat Price In Indian Rupees

Burj Khalifa's Flat Price in Indian Rupees is approx. 50 Cr*. According to recent reports, studio apartments in Burj Khalifa will cost approx AED 2 million, in Indian currency it is INR 4, 3 Cr. Similarly, a 4-5 bedroom apartment’s price is AED 100 million, in INR 216 Cr* approximately. 

Burj Khalifa 1 BHK Flat Price

This is the most desirable option by business class people who frequently visit Dubai for business purpose. In such typology normally you will get 1 spacious air-conditioned bedroom, modern bathroom, hall and a cute kitchen with high-end specification in its interior. Moreover, it offers Wi-Fi services and luxury amenities such as restaurant and outdoor swimming pool. If you are planning for 1 BHK flat in Price then it will cost you approx AED 1,600,000.

If you are from India and planning to buy property in Burj Khalifa then have a look at the current price mentioned below in INR (Indian Rupees).

As many Indians are investing in Dubai and frequently visit to this dream land. And if you are for business purpose then 1 bhk flat price in Burj khalifa in rupees is Rs.34748957.07 that will be the best option for you. 

Burj Khalifa 2 BHK Flat Price

For nuclear family a 2 bhk would be the best option. Generally flats in Burj Khalifa are fully furnished. It offers you a bunch of luxury at once where you would get 2 bedrooms along with 2 bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and dining area along with a balcony from where you can enjoy the city view from a great height. Get 2 Bhk flat at this iconic tower that will cost approx AED 2, 500,000.

Thus If you are an Indian and planning for a little extra space and prefer to buying different typology then in Burj khalifa 2 bhk flat prices in Indian rupees will cost you up to Rs.54295245.43. Enjoy extra luxury space in this stunning address of world’s tallest tower where it will let you experience the lavishness from a different level. 

Burj Khalifa 3 BHK Flat Price

If you are looking for a largest layout a 3 Bhk flat price in Burj Khalifa is AED 6,000,000. It offers you the best kind of lifestyle amidst lots of state-of-the-art conveniences. Apart from basic typology in 3 bed residence it offers you fully equipped fitness facilities, business lounge, meeting room, more recreation room, Wi-Fi services and much more. Getting flats in Burj Khalifa automatically offers you additional services such as parking area, best outdoor amenities and much more. A perfect balcony view is a superb treat to Burj Khalifa apartments where you can enjoy some spectacular view of Dubai.  

So whether you are an Indian and acquiring a space in this most sought-after address of the world then in Burj khalifa 3 bhk flat price in Indian rupees will cost you up to Rs.130308589.02 that loaded with extra space..

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Most Expensive Apartment In Burj Khalifa

It is undeniable that Burj Khalifa possesses world’s best yet most expansive homes. Studded with world-class facilities and lifestyle which can beat even luxury and I think it is beyond words. Burj Khalifa possesses the largest penthouse spread over 21,000 sq. ft that costs approx. AED 102,000,000. It is believed that this is the most expensive apartment in the entire Downtown Dubai.

Lowest Price Apartment In Burj Khalifa

Getting a flat in Burj Khalifa means a symbol of status and whatever the unit type or price it costs it makes sense. There are various floors as well as units are planned with different price ranges. According to Arabian Business, the cheapest apartment in Burj Khalifa costs nearly AED 5,000 ($1,400) per sq. ft.


What is the cost of 1 flat in Burj Khalifa?
The cost of 1 flat in Burj Khalifa is 50 Cr* in INR (Indian rupee).
Can we buy a flat in Burj Khalifa?
Well, it is quite hard to think about it even. But yes buying a flat in Burj Khalifa depends on your wealth because it presents a whole extravagant lifestyle that is easy to getable for billionaires only. If you are wondering to plan a flat in the world’s tallest tower then 900 residences are available including studios and 1-4 bedroom suites. 
Who buy the 22 flats in Burj Khalifa?
George V Nereaparambil – the Indian origin has bought the highest number of units of flats in Burj Khalifa. According to news reports, George V Nereaparambil is not satisfied with the number of units he has purchased and it is not predictable on which number he would stop.
What is the price of the Burj Khalifa floor?
The price of 1 floor in Burj Khalifa costs AED 1749 per sq. ft
What is the price of the Burj Khalifa floor?
The price of 1 floor in Burj Khalifa costs AED 1749 per sq. ft
What is the lowest price of the Burj Khalifa apartment?
The lowest price of getting a flat in Burj Khalifa will cost you approx AED 5,000 ($ 1,400) per sq. ft.
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