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Is Jebel Ali Village A Good Place To Live?

If we look from the historical point of view we would find that JEBEL ALI VILLAGE (JAV) is an ancient village existed in Dubai since 1977. The place is best known for family-friendly area and holds great reasons to settle in and the lifestyle in Jebel Ali Village is spellbinding. Let’s have a close look at the whereabouts of the magnificent JAV Dubai.

Is Jebel Ali Village A Good Place To Live?

Spanned over 35 km (22 sq mt ) Jebel  Ali Village is known as the port town. Located in the southwest of Dubai, this village has its own history. Why did it name Jebel Ali? What is the meaning of it? What is the lifestyle it follows?

Is Jebel Ali A Good Place To Live?

Certainly, there are innumerable questions that pop up in your mind like mine when I first heard its name Jebel Ali Village. I was quite surprised that in Dubai you will see a village! Is this a kind of joke? I mean Dubai- the gold city is famous for its skyscraper buildings and the land of wonders, fun, and luxury amenities also has a village within her. 

It was quite shocking which caused my curiosity to grow. I was wondering if Jebel  Ali Village is a normal village located in other countries or something different. Because such an advanced city when you are heard about a village this is the first thing that comes to your mind. I believe everyone would agree with it. 

Out of curiosity, I search on the internet and what I found was something amazing and just beyond thinking. So, I thought to share with you these amazing whereabouts of Jebel Ali Village. I hope you will enjoy reading it. 

About Jebel Ali Village

Jebel Ali Village got its name after a religious man named Ali, who lived on the high mountain. Here the word Jebel in Arabic means mountain or hills which was later translated as Jebel Ali, the mountain of Ali. 

In 1977 Jebel Ali Village was constructed and it is believed that the village was the home to the construction contractors’ staff. Specifically, for that purpose, the village was built. And later, Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum planned to remake Jebel Ali Village into an industrial area with its own airport, port, and township.

The development work began in Jebel Ali Village in 2008 and is expected to complete by 20 13. The place had some abandoned villas which were planned to build in a new shape and many commercial, and retail facilities, community, and parks are about to take place in this Village. But due to the global financial crisis that occurred in 2008-2009 Dubai was affected badly and the project got stopped.  

Later on, in 2013 Nakheel- a major realty player in Dubai announced the renovation of the isolated villas into luxury villas located in Jebel Ali Village. Again in 2021, the same developer declared it within a year with an eviction notice to the existing tenants to move to another place. 

Prior Jebel Ali Village was known as a satellite district and referred to as Mina Jebel Ali. The region, later on, grew continually and now it’s gaining more significance in Dubai. This mixed-used region is well developed in different areas such as commercial, industrial, trading, entertainment, and residential areas. 

If we talk about the present situation of the Jebel Ali Village community then you’ll be astonished to know that it holds great significance for industrial life primarily as a large commercial port and business hub. The region is considered to be the largest marine port in the Middle East and in the world, it ranks 9th busiest port. 

Moreover, Dubai generates 23% of its GDP straight to this development and there are more than 7,000 companies active in this community including trade, logistics, manufacturing, and industrial and service sectors. 

Lifestyle In Jebel Ali Village

Despite the industrial area, Jebel Ali Village is quite famous for serving the best kind of lifestyle where you can explore many things. As the community holds the historical record, you will able to find out the largest man-made harbor here. 

Properties Available in Jebel Ali Village/Community

Jebel Ali Village consists of 5 sub-community such as  Jebel Ali Hills, Rove at the  Park, Garden View Villas, Al Muntazah Complex, and Jebel Ali Industrial Area. The sub-communities offer various residential as well as industrial and commercial spaces. Along with this, many off-plan projects and investment opportunities in plots of land are also available in this community. 

Although, Jebel Ali is a prominent industrial hub witnessed with warehouses and labor camps still the area serves residential units in this community. There are multiple apartments and villas available in this region. If you are quite interested in buying your own house in Dubai then Jebel Ali is the best place, here you will discover a good collection of Villas. You will easily get 1-2 bed apartments and 3-4 bed villas with endless amenities featured in them. 

Moreover, Jebel Ali is an industrial as well as commercial area where you can get ranges of office & retail space, shops, and labor camps as mentioned above. So, in case, if you are wondering to set up a business in this area and wondering about office space then you can go for it. JAFZA is the best-known industrial area where you can get an office or retail space.

Social Lifestyle

Additionally, the community is providing endless opportunities to unwind. Here let’s take a glance at the amenities that you are going to have in your vicinity.

Supermarket In Jebel Ali Village

The community is so well built and every need can be easily found just a minute away distance. Yes, there are several supermarkets are available for your grocery needs in Jebel Ali. Meena Centre FZE, Nesto Hypermarket and Village Hypermarket, New Parco Supermarket, Malabar Supermarket, Salam Al Madeena Supermarket, etc are close to the community. Hence, anytime you can reach the stores for your grocery needs

Schools In Jebel Ali Village

If you’ve kids and you are worried about their education then do not worry as here you will get schooling facilities also. In primary schools, there are lots of options such as Little Woods, Bubbles, and Giggles Nursery. Among these options, Hamilton primary school is the notable name.

Depending upon which curriculum you want your kids to study you can go with it. Jebel Ali Schools are offering a UK curriculum for which you can prefer The Winchester School and for Indian Curriculum in Delhi Private Schools is popular there. 

Healthcare Facilities In Jebel Ali

In Jebel Ali Village you will get robust healthcare facilities as many hospitals and clinics are nearby. Here is the name of some famous healthcare centers, Cedars Jebel Ali International Hospital, Live Care Clinic, and so on.

Things To Do In Jebel Ali Village

Jebel Ali Village has plenty of things to do, there are myriads of options available in this community that will make your day better whether it is a normal day or an off day. What do you do generally on your holiday? Your answer would be probably going shopping, exploring new areas, and discovering new restaurants with friends or family. 

I can bet you in Jebel Ali Village these are common things, instead, you will get more options to spend your time and make it more memorable. 

  • You can go shopping at Jebel Ali Mall
  • IBN Battuta Mall is another major attraction if your pocket allows you to spend extravagantly 
  • Lots of entertainment options like Fun City, Sky Zone, and Novo Cinemas are there 
  • Can discover the Outlet Village which is best planned in Tuscan-Theme where you will explore more than 500 brands of stores from different countries such as Italian stores, French fashion, and American brands and you will get the stuff at affordable prices
  • There are many café and restaurants are ready to meet your taste at Jebel Ali Village such as Mezban Hyderabad  Restaurant, Qasr Al Jabal Restaurant, Aziz Afghan Restaurant, and Pret to Go to name a few 
  • Dubai Parks & Resorts, Bollywood Parks, Motiongate, and Legoland Dubai are some epic theme parks that you can explore
  • Jebel Ali Golf Resort is another outstanding experience featuring 9 hole par 36 course which is indeed a good challenge for Golf lover  
  • You can register your membership in Jebel Ali Recreational Club which facilitates sports bars and pubs. The club frequently organizes seasonal and weekly events in which you can participate. 
  • Cocktail parties, live screenings, quiz nights, and family events are arranged in JA Recreational Club

Public Transportation Facilities In JAV

When it comes to Transportation you will enjoy Dubai’s best public transport. Jebel Ali Metro Station, IBN Battuta Metro Station, Energy Metro Station, and UAE Exchange Metro Station will ease your commute to any desired place.

Also, you can get bus services to several routes and make your travel toward the city such as Al Karma, Lulu Village, Gold Souq Bus Station, Al Ghubaiba bus station, etc. If you want a more comfortable journey then hailing a taxi or cab is not a bad idea either.

Significant Connectivity – A Minute Away!

  • Make your trip via Sheikh Zayed Road (SZR), which takes you anywhere in the city within just 15-20 min
  • Discover Downtown Dubai within 35-40 min. drive 
  • Unwind at Dubai Parks and Resort located within 10 minute's distance 
  • You’ll never be late for your next flight for Dubai Airport is only 40 minutes away
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