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EMAAR Vs DAMAC Properties: What Fits The Best For Investment?

The luxury lifestyle and top-notch facilities define Dubai, talking about the lifestyle that comes with an ever-blooming economy and citizen-friendly governing bodies.

EMAAR Vs DAMAC Properties: What Fits The Best For Investment?

Such advantages attract many real estate investors to Dubai's fantastic property destination. Selecting a property in Dubai can be hectic because too many options are available. Still, for luxury and high-end living, you can choose from two of Dubai's best builders and developers, Emaar Properties and DAMAC Properties. 

Emaar Properties and DAMAC Properties are pioneers for trust and well-known real estate companies in Dubai. Previous projects and return capacity have stated how these two property dealers are an excellent investment choice. 

It might be difficult for you to choose a property, but this article will help you select and understand which property dealer will work the best for your property needs. 

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About Emaar Properties

Emaar Properties has made its way through difficulties to become the biggest real estate company in UAE. The tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, was also developed by Emaar Properties. In 1997, Emaar Properties marked their way to success, which founder Mohamed Alabbar led. 

From miniature buildings to tall skyscrapers, the company has achieved everything. Not only in Dubai, but Emaar Properties is also a very well-known real estate developer in countries such as India, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Pakistan. The biggest mall in the world, the Dubai Mall, was also developed by Emaar Properties. Some of the most luxurious properties in Dubai are under Emaar Properties.

Top Projects by EMAAR:-

  • EMAAR Zaabeel Address Residences
  • EMAAR Al Marjan Island
  • EMAAR Park Gate

About DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties produces the top luxurious apartments in Dubai, including AC Properties, which makes ultra-luxurious apartments. The group was founded by Hussain Sajwani in 1982. People state that the real luxury of Dubai has high standards, which DAMAC fulfils. With Dubai DAMAC Properties, the real estate giant works in countries like Saudi Arabia, India, the United Kingdom, Lebanon, Iran, and Oman. 

Every type of luxury property is available with DAMAC Properties, from villas to studio apartments in tall skyscrapers. Many investors and buyers have fortunes with DAMAC Properties because of the ever-growing rate of the properties. 

Top Projects by DAMAC:-

Why Are Emaar And DAMAC Real Estate Giants?

Here are the top reasons that make it clear why DAMAC and EMAAR are real estate giants and there are hardly any like them -

Sustainability and Vision

A great organization starts with a great vision and aims to achieve it; the vision of both companies is solidifying their ideas and business. Emaar Properties aims to redefine living standards to the next level by developing communities altogether and inspiring others to have a good life. 

On the other hand, DAMAC Properties’ goals were clear: to make Dubai an international hub for business and tourism, which DAMAC Properties has achieved throughout the years. 

Reputation and Trust 

Emaar Properties can be considered the most trusted real estate company in Dubai, and why not? They have successfully built the tallest building in the world and the largest mall. The company has positively gained investors' trust by successfully achieving such incredible feats. 

DAMAC Properties coined the new terms of luxury and ultra-luxury to break all the possible living standards; investors can trust the luxury of DAMAC Properties because of the reputation they have built in UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom.


Both of these companies, Emaar Properties, and DAMAC Properties are real estate legends because of the work they have done so far for Dubai. These companies are known to set high standards in terms of real estate. 

Emaar Properties has established its legacy in architecture and has achieved excellent engineering. DAMAC Properties have the power of richness and luxury, which cannot be found anywhere. 

Iconic Projects

It is already discussed that Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and DAMAC Hills are prominent signature properties of Emaar and DAMAC Properties. Apart from these properties, other significant projects by the companies are studied worldwide. 

Emaar South, Dubai Creek Harbour, and Arabian Ranches are some of the iconic projects of Emaar Properties. DAMAC has iconic projects in DAMAC Hills, such as Lagoons, Cavalli Towers, and The Legend. 

Quality and Innovation 

These real estate giants have always proved why they are at the top of the real estate market. Innovation is always seen clearly in their projects as these companies have achieved the impossible throughout their journey towards building sustainable living. 

The living quality these builders provide cannot be found anywhere; these companies are in their league of competition. Good lifestyle, engineering, architecture, and quality of living by Emaar and DAMAC developers are top-class.

International Recognition

Emaar Properties and DAMAC Properties are well-known developing companies all over the world. They have won many awards in engineering and architecture, but the construction perspective is not the only plus point of these companies. 

The CRS strategies to help the world and surroundings are profoundly seen in their projects. Innovation to be an environmentally friendly neighbourhood allowed these companies to achieve some of the recognized buildings all over the world. 

DAMAC Versus Emaar: What Should an Investor Consider?

We know it can be hard to choose anyone from DAMAC and Emaar because both are equally good and worth investing in. Here are some factors that can help you make the right choice -

Community Features 

DAMAC and Emaar Properties are for every type of age group and people with different lifestyles. Most of the properties by these real estate giants are family-friendly with luxury. As a family-friendly property, the need for entertainment is also fulfilled by the builders. 

The nightlife created by the developers is worth living because it acts as an anti-depressant from a stressful work life. Amenities by Emaar and DAMAC can only be found here; people hired for services are also well-mannered and helpful towards investors. 

Track Record 

Emaar and DAMAC have completed about 900+ properties worldwide combined. There is no official complaint by the investors against these property giants even after managing this vast empire. 

Google is the most trusted source to find information. These companies are among the highest-rated companies in the world, with minimum negative or poor reviews about the property. 


Since the beginning, the intentions of both of these companies were clear. Emaar and DAMAC Properties have given maximum returns on the properties they have developed for their investors. 

As investors have seen top properties from these developers, investors worldwide are seeking to invest in these companies. Demand is always high to invest in DAMAC and Emaar Group properties because of the assurance and results from previous projects. 

Payment Plans

One thing is clear about Emaar and DAMAC Properties: investors need to be wealthy to invest in their property segments. 

The luxury they offer comes with a hefty price tag, but investors do not have to worry about payment plans, too, as they are lucrative and serve longer for their investors. Companies work with suitable banks that provide their investors with low-interest and longer monthly instalment plans. 

Tourists Spots 

While talking about properties, there is explicit mention of the tourist spots, but the case is different in the case of Emaar and DAMAC Properties. Properties by Emaar and DAMAC Properties are considered tourist spots because of their popularity. 

Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and Hills by DAMAC are the most visited attractions in Dubai. Properties by Emaar and DAMAC Properties are in prime locations so you can see all the tourist spots within a few diameters. 


Properties by Emaar and DAMAC are in prime locations: the central city, the coastal area, and the luxurious areas of Dubai. 

Emaar Properties have established themselves in the main cities of Dubai. DAMAC Properties has a strategy to provide its investors with a prime feeling of a peaceful environment. Both companies' location strategies differ according to the property they are developing. 


In terms of short-term returns within 5-8 years of buying property for Emaar properties, no one can touch them in this segment. As per the reports, investors who invested in Emaar Properties got returns up to 300% on what they invested. 

Such reports also favour DAMAC Properties, but for the long term, properties by DAMAC Properties have shown insights to give excellent returns on long-term plans.


Properties by Emaar and DAMAC developers have their significance. An investor should invest in these properties with a clear goal in mind because these luxury properties have different features that can be utilized well by investors. For a long-term and luxurious lifestyle in Dubai, these properties are always considered on top because of their amenities, strategic locations, and luxury. 

While investing in these properties is always encouraged to go through company brokers and agents only because there are high chances for fraudulent activities by offering low prices of these high-class properties. Because of the popularity and the high demand for the property by Emaar and DAMAC developers, it is best to invest as soon as possible to get high returns. 

If you are looking forward to investing in Dubai real estate, contact Dubai Housing!

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