Katie Residence 1

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Katie Residence 1 Dubai

To Experience the High rise Living in Dubai!
Katie Residence 1 is a nicely & well planned residential building that infused with smart apartments capturing the real beauty of the site from its balcony to invade in a whole new side of international living, for more addition & robust living standard to meet the charm of Dubai, the site Katie is laced with many in house services and secured premises to create an intact living space where the idea is to live up the level of Dubai.


Katie Residence 1 in Dubailand by Volcano Properties

Living with Perfection!

To meet that perfection the site carries every perk and comfort where it turns out to be a spot for modern families seeking for the core use of the area, and even maintaining the right standard of living which is possible only at such phenomenal development that is futuristic in every sense.


Here the apartments are situated effectively out to get the most use of this space and even there are ventilated and sun filled rooms that adds extra value to these apartments, and further it maintains privacy so that every family can enjoy their personal life.


Katie Residence 1 forms an 18 storey building to capture the beauty of the surroundings and live up to the dream of living in the high rise tower serving a perfect feel of Burj Khalifa.


The site is very covered with green space and other essential needs so that the entire site can be converted into full utilization and even maintain its beauty changing the entire look and feel of the project.


Builder ensures every possible feature inside the project bookkeeping activity level high and surely it is a good way to socialize and engage and use your time effectively, so for this, you can meet gym, spa, clubhouse, jogging tracks and lots more activities inside the property.


This housing is planned by Volcano Investment Properties Ltd. is a construction related company where the key features are robust development and the utmost use of resources to find out the dream properties where buyers can use the property for life.


Dubailand Residence Complex is its exact location which is scattered over 3 billion sq. ft. of area and it is a new neighbourhood so one can get the vibrant look of the latest development where even it's more than 90 plus outlets to access every need that is important for the day-to-day lifestyle, and for the connectivity, this complex is situated along Al Ain Road (E66) connect to all the major parts of Dubai, and also the area is surrounded by many active communities one can fetch its advantages.

And the site is beautifully situated in Dubailand and connects you smartly to all the major parts, so here you can meet the new statement of living in an international spot where experience is not so common.

Amenities of

Katie Residence 1 by Volcano Investment Properties Ltd.

For the right growth and development, the project brings a new edition of recreational activities where it targets to meet every age group and let them have an active lifestyle to break the boredom and switch to space That ensures better health, and when you are in Katie Residence 1 nothing keeps you in complete.

Swimming Pool
Jogging Track
Dining Outlets
Kid's Play Area
Location of

Katie Residence 1 at Dubailand

This project is the part of DubaiLand Residence Complex which is situated within Dubailand where the area is comprises of 99 different buildings where every tower showcases its individual beauty, and for better livability more than 92 outlets are operational serving easy access to each of them, and rest with different commuting options you can reach to many spots, and here they are with their travel time: -

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We will tell you everything you need to know about Katie Residence 1

It is a new residential housing which is planned for the modern families to change their overall living experience, and other than this, the idea is to give a well planned and active housing that makes every day better and comfortable.

The site comes with the perfect range of apartments which are based on different sizes and layouts to get the maximum access to the space, so here you can find your ideal apartment that suits your purpose of buying.

Keeping the entire development in mind, the price is fully justified by the builder Volcano Investment Properties Ltd. so that one can meet an opportunity to buy their property in Dubai.

Yes, it is a freehold property that offers 100 per cent ownership which means the buyers can use their property the way they want, and then this makes it an ideal property for all the buyers living around the world to be a part of the city of Dubai to experience the world’s tallest tower Burj Khalifa and lots more.

This project is situated in Dubailand community where Dubailand Residence Complex is an area serving more than 90 towers with different looks & feel to level up the living standard so that one can find a wide range of buildings.

It is worth to buy property in this project if you want to live in a luxury complex where fast and active living space with an availability of every possible outlet makes living way easier and better, and also, it is a freehold property which means the buyers can enjoy 200% profit from their property, so this way it showcases it worth and reason to be a part of this property located in Dubailand Residence Complex.

Katie Residence 1
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