Celia Heights

  • 1 BR
Price (AED) 0.76 M
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Celia Heights Dubai

Special Development to bring like minded People!
The new development offers exclusive 1BR apartments which are planned exclusively for people who are looking for a compact home that is easy to manage and so the true luxury statement. For the next level of experience, these apartments are fully furnished and it comes with a new home automation system to make the lifestyle unbeatable.

Booking Amount 10%
Payment Plan 10:90
Possession Possession 2026

Celia Heights At Majan

To Experience the Class!

It is not just a development that is situated within the four walls, but it is a project that changes the entire way of living and makes you feel the change with the next level of home automation system where you live on your command and with only one beer apartment it makes the life way easier for the bachelors or professionals.

Smart Planning

This small size unit is planned on the best floor plan to gain 100% access to the space that leads to comfortable and happy living, and mainly with home automation you can just improve your lifestyle.

Everyday Fun

This housing adds all different range of amenities where the idea is to keep you active and in your free time, you have a leeway to get along with any amenity that keeps you fit, so without leaving the place you can have all sorts of entertainment around yourself.

A New Standard Of Living

Changes are an essential part of life and here in Celia Heights in Majan, you meet that new standard of living where an improved version of the apartment can be seen that makes your life super easy and interesting.


This housing is the part of Majan community which is located in Dubailand, the site comes with many luxury residential projects to set up luxury vibes, and it is considered as one of the affordable areas for investors where the wide range of properties offers better choice and good appreciation to justify the investment.

Dubailand adds 50 visitor attractions that make it a futuristic spot where the level of enjoyment is via ahead to bring families together, and some of the options are Al Habtoor Polo & Resort Club and IMG Worlds of Adventure.

Amenities of

Celia Heights by Abou Eid Real Estate Development

Time to indulge in different activities after your hectic day where the side gives you the freedom to have all the recreational activities within the project where you can just keep your health better and find a new version of yourself, so below you can check out the range of amenities packed inside: -

Swimming Pool
Parking Facility
Yoga & Meditation
Location of

Celia Heights at at Majan, Dubailand

Celia Heights project is located in Majan, Dubailand starts in better livability as it is high on all modern and physical ancillaries that are essential for daily needs and for the luxury touch, Dubailand comes with 50 different attractions that make you feel as if you were on a vacation spot. It takes a maximum 30 minutes to reach any place located in Dubai, and below you can check out more: -

Gallery images of Celia Heights

Celia Heights Gallery Image 1 Celia Heights Gallery Image 2 Celia Heights Gallery Image 3 Celia Heights Gallery Image 4 Celia Heights Gallery Image 5 Celia Heights Gallery Image 6 Celia Heights Gallery Image 7 Celia Heights Gallery Image 8
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We will tell you everything you need to know about Celia Heights

Here it adds 1 BR apartments, so according to the need one can move here to experience the new home automation system that makes life super easy and fast.

Yes, it is a luxury project where one can find a new home automation system and these are fully furnished apartments where you just need to come and kickstart a smart lifestyle

Yes, it is worth investing in Celia Heights because it is a property of the new generation that offers a change in lifestyle and the demand is very high for 1 BR apartments so this way one can enjoy high appreciation.

The major area of the site is covered with greenery that makes the area pollutant free and it is a good way to stay connected with nature and even from your balcony, you can imbibe fresh air.

Yes, it is an affordable property but at the same time you can find out many options at this price, but something that to be pointed is the USP where these are well furnished and add a home automation system which you might not see in many projects so this way it becomes the cream of the crop housing in Dubai that attracts both the home buyers and investors

Celia Heights
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