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Which One Is Better for You, a Townhouse or an Apartments

If you're still undecided and confused about whether townhouses or apartments are the better choices, don't worry. This blog is designed to help you make an informed decision that aligns with your budget, requirements, and preferences.

Which One Is Better for You, a Townhouse or an Apartments

In this blog, you'll find a detailed analysis of townhouses and apartments. Through a comprehensive comparison, you'll gain the insights needed to choose the option that best suits your needs.

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What Are the Basic Definitions of Townhouses and Apartments?

Townhouses are free-standing buildings that are bigger and have ample space. It is a type of terraced housing and has individual homes that share one or more walls with adjacent units but have their own entrances. This kind of home is ideal for larger families and for those who seek more privacy, comfort, and convenience. 

On the other hand, an apartment is a unit in a large building where many residences share common areas and amenities. Here, multiple residents live together, all managed by the same entity with the same rules and regulations for everyone. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Townhouses

Advantages of Townhouses

Having townhouses is a showcase of luxury and that is why a large number of people are investing their money to own a Townhouse because for them it is a kind and a symbol of richness. Some Advantages Of Townhouses are written below:-  

  • Townhouses offer full ownership, giving residents complete control over their property and allowing them to make modifications as they see fit.
  • Without any governing body imposing rules, residents have the freedom to use their homes in any manner they desire.
  • Compared to other types of housing, townhouses are larger and provide more space, featuring roomy and airy interiors that ensure a fresh and clean environment, making them ideal for larger families.
  • Typically designed in a traditional style, townhouses also come with a private yard and garage, over which residents have full authority.
  • This combination of spacious living areas and the liberty to personalize the property makes townhouses an attractive option for those seeking both comfort and autonomy in their living arrangements.

Disadvantage of Townhouses

Every coin has its two sides, and Townhouse has its disadvantages too. Some of its disadvantages are written below:- 

  • Townhouses have more responsibility, it requires proper management. Unlike apartments, has to clean their yards and garage by themself. There is no maintenance team so townhouse residents must have prepared for extra responsibility. 
  • Townhouses share walls with other homes, so there is a high chance of trespassing of sound, and residents can easily hear neighbor’s noise. 
  • In Townhouses, yards are smaller which means residents will get fewer outdoor spaces for activities. Apart from that because of neighborhood proximity, outdoor spaces have less privacy. 
  • Most of the townhouses are built in sub-urban areas which means that residents here will live far away from the urban setting and its amenities. 
  • Townhouses often come with monthly HOA fees to cover maintenance and amenities, which can add a significant cost.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Apartments

Advantage of Apartments

Apartments are a modern way of living because of limited spaces and high population, residential land is decreasing day by day. Building an apartment will always be a smart way of residing with numerous people in a limited space. Often one will see high skyscrapers in big cities because of limited land. 

  • Apartments are the smaller part of bigger buildings, that means a larger number of people are residing in a small proportion of land. It is like using resources in a very smart way. 
  • Apartments come with additional benefits; it is maintained by the entity, filled with up-to-date amenities, have a common place where all residents are allowed to visit, and many more. 
  • Apartments come with high accessibility; they are often located in urban areas, close to public transport, shops, and other services.
  •  In Apartments one can easily blend with other cultures and learn from each other, generally, people from different locations live, and people residing in apartments learn the art of respecting differences and learning from them. 
  • Peaceful surroundings and spacious environments: usually, developers build projects on a big piece of land and meticulously craft them, build parks and gardens, and try to fill the entire project with greenery so that people living here will feel relaxed, calm, and tranquil.

Disadvantage of Apartments

Although Apartments have multiple advantages all the good stuff has some cons and like this apartments have some kind of disadvantages, some of which are written below:

  • Apartments are smaller, which means for bigger families, apartments could not be an ideal option because of their limited space. 
  • In apartments, one will notice noise and privacy issues; sharing walls can easily trespass noise; and here, people will not get enough private time. 
  • Generally, apartments have limited parking spaces. Tenants may have to pay extra money for a garage, which means only a few vehicles can park there. 
  • High maintenance, though here residents are free from the worry of maintenance, annually they have to pay high maintenance bills. 
  • Apartment residents will never feel complete ownership; though they are the legal owners, they still do not have any rights over common areas and have to follow rules and regulations.

Which One Is Better?

Selecting the right type of home hinges on your specific needs and aspirations. For those seeking a long-term residence to create a nurturing environment for their family, a townhouse is an ideal choice. It offers greater space, privacy, and comfort, making it conducive to building lifelong memories with loved ones that will be cherished for years to come.

On the other hand, if your objective is an investment, an apartment represents a more advantageous option. Apartments generally yield higher returns on investment due to their affordability and strong demand in the market. This makes them a prudent choice for investors seeking substantial value appreciation.

New Luxurious Apartments and Townhouses in Dubai

Dubai is a paradise for the real estate market, here one will find numerous housing options from luxurious townhouses for sale in Dubai to high-tech apartments in Dubai, This city has everything to offer to everyone. Below I will mention new projects in the Dubai real estate market.

Luxurious Townhouses for Sale in Dubai

DAMAC Water Veins 

Builder: DAMAC Developers

Community: DAMAC Riverside 

Amenities: a water theme sports arena, swimming pools, spas, and many more

DAMAC Water Veins is the latest project in the newly developed community on the DAMAC Riverside. This project promotes waterside living, where residents will feel wrapped around the waters.  


Builder: DAMAC Developers 

Community: DAMAC Riverside 

Amenities: floating sports, water bodies for aromatherapy, floating cinema under the sky, and many more. 

DAMAC IVY is one of the latest projects by DAMAC Properties, where residents will get high-class living with the latest amenities that will make resident life more luxurious, convenient, and comfortable. 

Meraas Nad Al Sheba Gardens, Phase 5 

Builder: Meraas 

Community: Nad Al Sheba

Amenities: gym, spa service, clubhouse, sports hub, jogging track, sports hub, and many more. 

Meraas Nad Al Sheba Gardens Phase 5 is the latest project in Nad Al Sheba. This project primarily focuses on its residents' comforts and convenience, which is why here one will find all the necessary items within the location. 

EMAAR Greenway

Builder: EMAAR Properties

Community: EMAAR South

Amenities: party halls, gyms, children's play areas, big swimming pools, and many more. 

EMAAR Greenway is the latest project of EMAAR Properties, a globally known property developer in Dubai known for its iconic projects. This project promotes green living. This project is ideal for those looking for a peaceful look that is quite far from city hassle but not too far from their lifestyles. 

Aldar Athlon

Builder: Aldar Properties 

Community- Dubailand 

Amenities: yoga zone, BBQ area, jogging track, kid’s play area, and many more. 

Aldar Athlon is the latest project by Aldar Properties that is also in the well-known community of Dubai, which is Dubailand. This luxurious project has everything that one is looking forward to to live a healthy, happy, and comfortable life. 

Luxurious Apartments for Sale in Dubai

Binghatti Hills 

Builder-Binghatti Developers

Community: Dubai Science Park

Amenities: infinite pools, a modern gym, a dining outlet, a clubhouse, green parks, and many more. 

Binghatti Developers is one of the most reliable property developers in Dubai; most of its projects are popular and able to generate high profits. Binghatti Hills is the latest project of Binghatti Developers, where one will not only get an opulent experience but comfort, convenience, and maximum profit.

DAMAC Lagoon Views 2

Builder: DAMAC Properties 

Community: DAMAC Lagoons

Amenities: Jacuzzi-style pool, running track, swimming pools, kid’s play area, and many more. 

DAMAC Lagoon Views 2 is the latest project of DAMAC Properties, where builders put some extra effort into making living affordable, classy, and luxurious. Here, residents will find all the information centers in the nearby area that make their lives convenient and comfortable.


Builder: Object One Real Estate Developer

Community: Jumeirah Village Triangle 

Amenities: swimming pools, gyms, running tracks, and many more.

Object One Real Estate Developer has the vision to build an apartment where one will get all the things that they want. This project has all the amenities that one wishes to live a happy life. Apart from that, the design of this project is very appreciable and able to attract a large number of buyers. 

Azizi Mina

Builder: Azizi Development

Community: Palm Jumeirah

Amenities include a kid’s play area, infinite pools, a private beach, and many more.

Azizi Mina is the newly introduced luxurious apartment in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. This project has a perfect blend of luxury and convenience. Here, residents will get the feeling of a high-class setting, where they will get all the outstanding amenities within their homes. 


Builder: DAMAC Properties

Community: DAMAC Hills

Amenities: a golf course, a tennis court, recreational activities, and many more. 

Down Golf Town is the newest apartment project by DAMAC Properties, which is meticulously crafted by a well-known designer. One will get access to golf courses and many other high-end amenities that will give them a high standard of living. 

Current Market Trends for Apartments and Townhouses in Dubai

Townhouses: There has been a growing interest in townhouses in suburban developments in Dubai such as Arabian Ranches, DAMAC, Riverside, Jumeirah Village Circle, and Dubai Hills Estate, driven by the desire for more space and family-friendly environments.

Apartments: In urban areas like Downtown Dubai, DAMAC Riverside, Dubai Hills Estate,  Dubai Marina, and Business Bay, apartments remain highly sought-after due to their strategic locations, modern amenities, and affordable prices. 

Which Housing Type Fits to Which Buyer?

Through this data, I will try to showcase the current trend of home type in the Dubai market. You need to take a look at this important information shown in the below table, where a percentage of transactions for apartments and townhouses are mentioned. 

Configuration No. of Transaction Percentage
Apartment 17,853 91%
Townhouse 1,449 7%

With this data, you can easily see which house type is more demanding. As I mentioned earlier, luxury apartment sales in Dubai well because they are good for investments, and the ROI of apartments is up to 8 per cent which is very high and makes investment quite profitable. 

On the other side, townhouses are popular, but for those who are interested in buying a home and living in it, from an investment point of view, a townhouse has a lesser potential than apartments but if you are among those who is looking to upscale your living standard, then townhouses could be a great option.


While both townhouses and apartments have their unique appeal, the current trend in Dubai shows a balanced demand, with townhouses gaining popularity among families and those seeking more space, and apartments remaining the preferred choice for urban living and convenience. The ultimate demand depends on individual preferences, lifestyle needs, and budget constraints.

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