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What Will Happen In Dubais Property Market After The Merger Of Big Companies

There are a lot of things going on in the real estate market of Dubai like the merger of two big companies like Nakheel and Meydan who are working in the field of luxurious properties in UAE.

What Will Happen In Dubais Property Market After The Merger Of Big Companies

This is a very huge event because it is going to change some situations in Dubai. Well some professionals from Dubai Housing are saying that this is going to benefit the buyers and the making of new properties are also going to be extra luxurious which are built by the merger of Nakheel and Maydan under the name Dubai Holding. 

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How the Nakheel-Meydan Merger Is Reshaping Dubais Real Estate Situations?

It is like a giant event in Dubai's property world. Two big names, Nakheel and Meydan, have joined hands under the big name of Dubai Holding. This situation is not just a merger; it is a new start in the Dubai real estate market, promising better homes and smoother project sales. This means that now more people will invest in the properties by these mergers.

On a sunny day in UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the prince and ruler of Dubai, unveiled this big changing plan. With big groups like Jumeirah Group and Tecom already in its family, Dubai Holding is like a huge tree, now growing even bigger and wider with Nakheel and Meydan.

We know that some may think that why does this matter in the property market of Dubai? Sourav and Mohit from Dubai Housing think that it is a very good step. It is like gathering all your better tools in one box - they explained. Now, the developers can build even grander dreams, reaching out to more people itching to own a piece of luxurious properties in Dubai.

What is different about the property market of Dubai?

Remember the slow times during the pandemic? Well, Dubai bounced back with several big sales of properties in locations like Palm Jumeirah, MBR City, and more! Last year, the city saw more homes being bought, sold, and rented than it has seen before. Prices went up, and everyone wanted a piece of this desert oasis of UAE.

Other professionals of Dubai Housing noticed something interesting. When Meraas joined Dubai Holding back in 2020, projects that were being built by Meeras got even better. It is like they sprayed magic dust on their properties. Now, professionals say that finding a home in projects by Meeras is like finding a needle in a grass field.

Now the luxurious property market is getting even more interesting. Nakheel is not just any name but is the top player behind luxurious communities like The Palm Jumeirah and The World Islands. And Meydan? It is also in the thrilling horse races where they have got fancy addresses like Mohammed bin Rashid City under their belt.

What happens when these big companies shake hands?

According to Dubai Housing we can see for some exciting times in the property market in 2024. The buyers can think of more parks, better houses, and communities where everybody can enjoy new amenities. These two companies can now work together to make some of the popular housing projects in the future that will be filled with extra luxuriousness and world-class amenities. 

Dubai is not just looking at today but also dreaming big with its D33 plan. It is about doubling joy, doubling achievements, and making Dubai one of the top three cities in the globe and guess what? This merger is a big thing of that big plan. For the past two years the Government of Dubai was working for the growth of the real estate market to a new height for which several new projects were launched that were both commercial and housing.

As for the people at Emaar Properties, another very popular real estate company, they are also not sitting back. With a 70% increase in profits, they are riding high, filled by a bustling city life, from lavish malls to bustling beaches. Emaar is also in the race of making top-class properties in the prime locations in Dubai which will include apartments, townhouses, and villa projects in the green surroundings of Dubai like Emaar Liliia at the Valley which is a new launch property in March 2024.

What may happen in the coming years?

Looking ahead, Dubai's property situation is only getting better and better, with predictions of even more growth by Dubai Housing. The buyers from around the world are watching this merger as not just a business move but also a sign of a city that is normally on the move to a high place while dreaming big. It is also predicted that by the end of 2024 there will be a huge number of properties to be provided for the buyers that will be more than the last year. 

After the period of covid Dubai has done a lot of work in the property market by making big communities where a lot of builders have provided several housing and commercial projects which were bought by buyers from all around the world. Among these buyers there were a good percentage of Chinese, Russians, and Indians. 

So, whether you are a local person, a foreigner, or just someone dreaming of a home under the Dubai sky, something big is happening and in this land of sand and beauty, the Nakheel-Meydan merger is not just  a event but it is the start of a new chapter which will promise more returns and happier hearts in the city of the luxurious homes


The merger of Nakheel and Meydan under the name of Dubai Holding was a big surprise shared by The Prince of Dubai which was a good surprise for both buyers and investors. This is because now the projects that will be built by these two companies will have less faults and disadvantages. Both have several new projects that are not yet completed but now will be finished with speed while providing better services for its buyers. 

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