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What Is Off Plan Property In Dubai?

With off-plan developments in Dubai, there are many questions come into the mind of home buyers & investors. Here in this blog, we have addressed some of the biggest doubts, read this blog to know more in detail.

What Is Off Plan Property In Dubai?

Real Estate in Dubai  is booming with so many new developments offering enticing flexible payment plans and different types of offers including free service charges, 0% booking fees, and DLD waivers. All these hotch-potch create a different kind of confusion in the mind of home buyers & investors. As well as many terms in Dubai real estate are misunderstood by foreign home buyers & investors like  Realestate Developers in Dubai

So, let's talk about this term and many other questions related to off-plan developments. 

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What Is Off-Plan Development In Dubai?

The term “off-plan” is mostly used in the Dubai property market. These developments are under development and registered with DLD (Dubai Land Development) and are available with the payment plans like till-possession or post-handover. 

What Is The Price Of Off-Plan Development In Dubai?

Generally, the price of off-plan developments varies on different factors like community types, unit sizes, location and accessible amenities. But off-plan properties are more in demand as they are available at the lowest price in comparison to ready-to-move options, allowing prospective home buyers to get their homes in Dubai.

Generally, off-plan developments are directly available from builders with the best payment plan. So, with this property type, you will make the best investment with just a small booking amount ranging between 5 - 20%.

Why Off-Plan Properties Are The Best Choice?

There may be countless personal reasons to buy off-plan properties in Dubai, but there are some common & best reasons too. There are many data & statistics by DLD Dubai that confirm the sustainable growth of the market. Dubai's property market is on the course of a modest rise in price even with the increase in interest rates and the possibility of a recession in 2023. The credit goes to stable economic conditions, visa reforms, reasonable prices for properties and standard of living. 

In the middle of different property options, off-plan developments are considered the best choice, especially for individuals who are interested in long-term investment by paying a small down payment.

There are two benefits:- 

  • You can buy an off-plan property and pay in small installments instead of paying the full payment. 
  • You can sell them after some time at a good price with outstanding ROI in hand. 

Are Off-Plan Development & Pre-Launch Development The Same?

Many foreign investors & home buyers are generally confused between off-plan and pre-launch developments. But there is a big difference between these two terms. As you know an off-plan property is under construction & new launch development. On the other hand, pre-launch launch properties are the developments that are currently at the planning or pre-construction stage. 


There are many options are available in residential properties in Dubai as off-plan, pre-launch, and ready-to-move. What property type you prefer depends on your objective & requirements. If you can wait and look for the best investment then an off-plan property is a better choice. For individuals who want a steady income then a ready-to-move option is the best choice. If you evaluate the total advantages then off-plan development is a better choice, especially in a booming real estate market like Dubai. 

For more information and better options in off-plan properties in freehold regions, you can contact Dubai Housing . Our experienced marketing executives will acquaint you with the best off-plan options from reliable developers. 

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