Violet in Damac Hills 2

  • 4 BR
  • 2,352 - 2,415 Sq. Ft.
Price (AED) 1.86 M
Damac Violet Dubai Highlight Image

Key Highlights of Violet in Damac Hills 2

DEVELOPMENT BY Damac Properties
AVAILABLITY INSIDE Residential with townhouses
LOCATION DAMAC Hills 2 first ever green community
THEME Oasis planned with Violet flower theme
USP Unbeatable range of Zen garden, Boating lake & Lazy river
Damac Violet in DH2 Main Brochure

Violet By Damac

Place yourself in its wonderful violet series of flowers! Welcome to DAMAC Violet housing in DAMAC Hills 2 based on its violet flower theme to meet nature with elegance serves the realm showing its ceaseless beauty that maintains its harmony, class and modish touch of excellence planned by DAMAC, and for extraordinary exposure to entertainment the site comes with an array of water town’s wave pool, zen garden, boating lake, lazy river, outdoor games and lots more to host the right dose of entertainment & active living. Now to experience this tranquil spot, DAMAC Violet opens up a space for its 4 BR townhouse with a private garden on the ground floor and rooftop space to have a panoramic view of the surroundings.

Sizes (Sq. Ft.) 2,352 - 2,415
Booking Amount 20%
Payment Plan 60:40(1% Monthly)
Possession Possession 2026

Damac Violet Dubai

To match the premium requirements!

The idea of this property is not just to add space for you, but to match your premium requirements where along with the space, great range of facilities to ensure the development of every individual, healthy ambience to cut the pollution, cozy ambience to blend with it smoothly and lots more perks together meets every need to content every family member where this DAMAC Violet turns out to be an address for life.


  1. Can access to its modern amenities anytime
  2. Platform to engage with others
  3. Townhouses for a super luxury feel
  4. Greenery all over to connect with nature
  5. Live in a branded home by DAMAC
  6. Futuristic community DAMAC Hills 2
  7. Be a part of the leading area of Dubai
  8. Secured housing for fret free living
  9. Have a peaceful environment to avoid the city stress
  10. Stay on vacation mode always

So this way it forms a real address that needs every colour to it where it satisfies the urge to live an active life, stay around greenery, live in a friendly environment, be home for capacious living and even more just perks make DAMAC Violet DAMAC Hills 2 an address for future where you can kick start your premium living from now because change is important in life to address the lifestyle that you desire always.

Payment Plan of
DAMAC Violet Townhouses
On Booking
During Construction
On Handover
Amenities of

Violet By Damac Properties

Whenever you come out from your house you have a wholesome space where the presence of a gym, spa, clubhouse, sports hub, jogging track and lots more options are well settled inside DAMAC Violet DAMAC Hills 2 where one can stay fit, active, energetic and enjoy its tranquil environment where one can wrap themselves to nature which is important to break the dark side as people are just desk bound to this way they can connect to pollutant free environment and nature that holds importance.

Swimming Pool
Jogging Track
Kid's Play Area
Car Parking
Location of

Damac Violet in Damac Hills 2

This new property is planned in the DAMAC Hills 2 community planned by DAMAC which is away from the chaos of city life, so one can find a friendly and comfy space to live in, to highlight the area it adds eco friendly ambience with lush greenery and more perks in it to make it a suitable community, so lots many advantages inside the community gives you the perfect space to live in, further, you can have a look at the following areas that are connected from DAMAC Hills 2: -
Floor Plans of
DAMAC Violet Dubai

Here the townhouses are beautifully captured on the new floor plan where the space is well justified with the new designs and layout that showcases the amalgamation of perfection with a modern touch, and to get its full look you can check the floor plan below you understand the entire space showcasing every detail of your townhouse well: -

4 Bedroom
4 Bedroom Townhouses

Gallery images of Violet in Damac Hills 2

Damac Violet Damac Violet Dubai Damac Violet in Damac Hills 2 Violet by Damac Violet by Damac Properties Damac Violet in DH2 Damac Violet
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We will tell you everything you need to know about Violet in Damac Hills 2

It is a new residential addition in DAMAC Hills 2 where the property comes with grand space townhouses that are well planned and executed on novel ideas and designs to meet the smart property for families where they can blend smoothly with every feature and perk.

The purpose of this property is to give capacious home size that too in a community which is in demand already for the fact that it is the first green community, one can find an affordable range of options, then it is home to Trump World Golf Club and more availability inside this community ensures friendly living altogether where families can smoothly adjust as it is a place for all members be it a kid, parents or elders to find their area of interest.

The status of the property is freehold where 100 per cent ownership is the key to it, and other than this, the demand over here for properties are higher where more appreciation for about 8% takes the lead, so this property can be used for personal use or else for rental for good monthly income.

Its a townhouse where a total area is 2,352 to 2,415 Sq. Ft. which is well justified with its improved layout, and other than this, it promotes green living where the major portion of the area is covered with greenery which means one can imbibe fresh air and stay connected to nature which is important, and then here you can experience tranquil vibes as the community is away from the city, so all these features make DAMAC Violet a must address for the new generation.

Violet in Damac Hills 2
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