Amaal 8

  • 1 & 2 BR
Price On Request
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Key Highlights of Amaal 8

DEVELOPMENT Residential development
STRUCTURE 55 storey building
BUILDER Amaal Emirates
USP Offers a hassle free living
LOCATION Ras Al Khor Industrial Area
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Amaal 8 By Amaal Emirates

Its 55 storey building gives a panoramic view of the surroundings to enjoy its vicinity, and other than this, it is newly planned that ensure a complete housing experience where the bunch of modern amenities, green ambience, secured premises and even more such highlights make it a complete housing to ensure an intact living experience that has everything to impress for life.


Amaal 8 Dubai

One Address That Speaks About Everything!

One address by Amaal Emirates showcases the true modern living journey to find your own spot inside and live in a place that matters in every sense to level up the experience and set up a perfect choice of modern and comfortable living which is essential to ameliorate the living standard and meet up a perfect set that matters for the modern families.

Further, you can check some of its major details where the bunch of modern amenities, green ambience and more such benefits are the part of this premium housing that has everything inside to address a comfortable and luxurious living, and other than this, to live up to the standards of Dubai where investment looks like an obvious and important decision for life.

Amenities of

Amaal 8 By Amaal Emirates

In your free time, this new site takes care of your entertainment, and for this, you can meet the right range of modern amenities to switch to an active lifestyle which is important to break the boredom and get to a lifestyle which is energetic and worth to be in, so check out the list of amenities available inside Amaal 8 by Amaal Emirates: -

Swimming Pool
Jogging Track
Green Surrounding
Location of

Amaal 8 in Ras Al Khor

This new residential property is the part of Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 1, Ras Al Khor, The Lagoons, Dubai which is a well developed and planned community to live in with better availability of social and physical ancillaries to meet quality living that gives you access to each and everything, and rest you can check out the major spots of Dubai which are connected from this area: -

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We will tell you everything you need to know about Amaal 8

It is a new residential housing with 55 storey building where it gives a picture perfect view of the surroundings, and then it is a complete address that is infused with every possible advantage to ameliorate the standard of living.

Amaal Emirates is the one who has already given major projects in Dubai for a suitable and friendly ambience filled with all major advantages to ameliorate the standard of living.

It is a freehold property that gives 100 per cent ownership where one can use the property the way they want, so that the right use can be done and experienced.

This new housing is located in Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 1, Ras Al Khor, The Lagoons, Dubai that beautifully connects to the major areas of Dubai, and rest for livability they can find easy peasy surroundings with an availability of everything that is must in order to meet an active and friendly surroundings and this way high appreciation can be expected too.

Amaal 8
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