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This Ramadan Buy New Homes In Dubai With Limited Time Offer

Some real estate companies are studying the current market situation in Dubai real estate. Developers like Damac, Emaar and Nakheel are in the front line developing new and lavish projects in cities like Dubai.

This Ramadan Buy New Homes In Dubai With Limited Time Offer

Properties that are in the higher price group are taking a big role in the contribution of growth in the property market of Dubai. As Ramadan has already started there are some special offers being provided by some companies like Damac Properties. Here we will see what is so special about buying properties in Dubai during Ramadan. 

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What Is the current offer given by a top developer in Dubai

As the month of Ramadan is going on there are some exciting offers given by the developers like Damac Properties where Damac is reducing the 4 percent of DLD for its launched properties in Dubai. The launch of new properties is also attracting several buyers and investors from all around the world. People from countries like Russia and China are also buying more and more properties in Dubai. 

Projects like Autograph Collection by ‘Damac Properties’  is a new project that was launched in 2024 in one of the prime communities of Dubai called DAMAC HILLS. The booking for these exclusive villas was in high numbers which shows the popularity of bigger properties in Dubai. Every project is built with extra luxurious facilities and world-class amenities for which Dubai is very popular in the world. Be assured to get every luxury that is available in Dubai.

How is Ramadan month going for the property market of Dubai

The month of March 2024 is becoming a very profitable period for the market of luxurious properties in Dubai. Situation of Dubai is very good for living a grand lifestyle in a posh location having several tourist spots. This Ramadan, people looking to buy property in Dubai might see some sweet deals, especially with off plan sales. Keep an eye out for those special Ramadan offers!

In the bustling world of Dubai real estate, the start of the year is normally very good for the property market. Buyers and investors are on the look-out for new purchases, grabbing the properties they have been eyeing. And renters? They are also looking out for their rental homes, deciding on next plans. Post-holidays, we often see property prices climbing a bit. Sellers, back from their breaks, spot the chance to cash in on this busy market.

Every big holiday, be it Christmas or Ramadan, starts this trend of limited offers for luxurious properties that are not yet sold. After the long holiday times like Ramadan, prices tend to bounce up, but here is a twist. The old belief was that markets gets slow down during holidays but now it is not really happening anymore. Sure, some people might be out and are not shopping for homes but want to stay in rents. But several sellers and buyers are still keen and keeping the market very busy during Ramadan. 

How the property market in Dubai attracts buyers during Ramadan

Now, let's see a big myth that the prices go down during holidays like Ramadan. It is correct because a few sellers might drop their prices, hoping to attract more people who are looking to buy new properties in Dubai. This is not the whole market's story of Dubai. Where can you find good deals? The answer is Dubai Housing where you can find a huge collection of properties located in Dubai. This Ramadan, several big developers make it easier to buy, providing some new offers and easier payment plans. It is a very good chance for investors looking for a bargain.

If you are eyeing for the resale properties then do not expect huge holiday discounts. Yes, there is less opportunity for the same spot in a building but can give you a lot more chances to settle the price of the property. But do not count on cutting prices by a huge percentage. As the time goes by, prices of luxurious properties tend to jump by 5 to 7 percent. 

In 2024 those who took a market break are back, and new buyers are popping up in good numbers. This surge in buyers, especially in the high priced properties and houses, means sellers are in for a treat. This cycle repeats, which can be noticed in January and September months of a year. So, a buyer should try to acquire a property when there is a sale is going on or during the events when builders provide some discounts for launched properties. 

What to look for when buying new properties in Dubai

One thing to look for by buyers is that they should not be put off by price hikes. If you have got the budget, jump in. These shifts might further up the prices in certain areas, but they are just part of the market's demand and flow.

So, what is the first thing to look at here? Don't sit and wait for too long. If you find your dream house in Dubai then go for it. Now is the time when the demand for the luxurious properties is a bit cooler, and deals are very attractive for the taking. Wait too long, and you might just miss out on the sweet offers of the market of luxurious properties.

Dubai is a very popular city in UAE where the property market is one of the main highlights. Buying an appropriate house in Dubai can be very confusing but with the help of professionals from companies like Dubai Housing, a person can find a dream house that he/she may be looking for.


In Ramadan the builders in Dubai provide exciting offers for a limited time for their launched projects. Companies like Damac Properties are already providing special discounts on DLD of their new projects in posh locations of Dubai. This shows that buying new properties in Ramadan is a good choice for buyers and investors both because after holidays the price of the luxurious properties increase. 

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