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20 Best Sports Clubs In Dubai

Sports is the most desired activity that helps every individual personally. It’s a great way to communicate with others, and it is quite easy to make new friends and it gives chance to associate with a group of circles.

20 Best Sports Clubs In Dubai

Not only it’s good for your well-being but a brilliant way to balance your life. The best antidote for stress relief keeps you active and energetic throughout the day. And you know what, most important sports are fun.

Sports Club Introduction

Sports clubs are registered organizations where the club provides various sports facilities options.  Participating in various sports activities means staying active physically and always exploring something different every time.  As sports clubs are mostly commercial organizations there are chances that here you can get multiple other sports activities. 

In this way, not only you will explore something new but maybe next time you will come up with something different experiences with another sport.  

Sports Club Objectives

The primary objective of a sports club is to promote a healthy lifestyle and helps in improving personal development. Also, allows every individual to develop their self-esteem, the first step to learn socialization and makes them confident in everything they do. Ultimately, the sports club will help you in your growth.

Here mentioned two different categories of a sports clubs in Dubai 1. Professional Sports Club 2.  Kids’ Sports Club. Choose as per your concern.

Objectives Of Sports Club For Family

Sports club helps in developing interest in a particular sport or physical activity. And this is the best place where you can help your child to learn new techniques and grow faster in specific sports they are interested in. 

Suppose, if your kid is very much concerned about sports and wishes to peruse a career in sports then you can support them by giving them admission to any professional sports club.  Check out these top 20 best sports clubs in Dubai and let your dream soar. 

Top 10 Professional Sports Club In Dubai

Now let’s have a glance at 10 professional sports clubs in Dubai. So if you are quite interested in sports activities and want to be an athlete or wish to play for your country at an international level then you can join these sports clubs. 

1. Gulf Badminton Academy (GBA)

This state-of-the-art GBA club offers professional coaching and world-class training to students. GBA invite youngsters to learn and live their dream and for that, the academy provides the best training that helps them in the future and their career.  It gives world-class facilities and ideal platform for beginners. 

GBA has located in almost many cities in Middle East countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, and Kuwait.

Address – Corporate Office- Al Nasr Plaza-Office No 405- 4th floor- Dubai-United Arab Emirates 

2. Dubai Sports City Football Academy 

This is the number 1 football sports academy in Dubai. The club is considered UAE’s top training program for Spanish Soccer Schools and SocaTots. The club offers sports and fitness instruction, a stadium, an arena, and a sports venue. The Academy has its own website too. So, if you are wishing to know more about the club and the facilities it is offering then you can check out the website. 

Address – off -311-Dubai –United Arab Emirates 

3. Spring Sports Academy 

Formerly, the Spring Sports Academy club was known as Spring Cricket Academy.  The club aims to support young talents and enhance the play level. Children from age 5 can take club membership in this academy. It always inspires players to follow a healthy lifestyle. 

The Spring Sports Academy offers various leading sports with professional coaching for all sports and fitness activities. They also provide modern sports facilities on a rental basis and additionally the latest sports pieces of equipment at an affordable price range.  

Here you will get cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, Tennis & more other sports coaching. So get the membership and turn your dream into reality. 

Address – S-01,2nd floor, Al Mulla Plaza, al Ittihad Road, Dubai, UAE

4. Just Play Sports Complex

The real fun has begun with this sports club which offers unique indoor multi-sports & entertainment complex. The club offers camps, academies, birthday parties, and sports bookings. 
Address - Hanger 4 – Marina Cubes Street- Port Rashid- Dubai- United Arab Emirates, AE

5.Champs Sports Club, Al QuozAl Quoz

This is a fully equipped sports club that hosts sports events, team-building activities, birthday parties, and leagues. Champs Sports Club provides other services like Basketball Academy, Football Academy, Gym, Facilities Rental, and Events & tournaments.

Address – Al Quoz, Industrial Area 3- Dubai

6. Insportz Club

Since 1997 Insportz Club is offering various premium indoor sports facilities. Hence, if you are quite interested in indoor games then you can take a membership in this club.  Here, it offers indoor cricket, football, basketball, hockey, table tennis and so on. And the best part is the club offers a professionally managed environment including coaching. 

Here the club has a fully functional state-of-the-art then pin bowling alley with 4 professional standard lanes.  The club also hosts birthday and corporate events at the alley.  Sports persons aged between 5 to 60 years can take membership in this club. 

Address – Ware House 86, R.K.M Properties, Street 17A, Dubai United Arab Emirates

7. Green Sport Club

Green Sports Club (GSC) is offering an opportunity to all sports enthusiasts to learn and practice various popular sports. Here, the club provides professional coaching and trained them as professionals for the future. Sports are the only activity where the person doesn’t easily admit to defeat but this attitude builds in such kind of environment. It not only makes them have a strong mindset but also prepares them daily to beat every new target.  

Green Sports club organizes many corporate events, tournaments holiday camps, team-building activities, and so on under Dubai Sports Association.
Address – Apartment No. 405, Alserkal Building – Port Saeed- Dubai- United Arab Emirates 

8. NAS Sports Complex 

This is the most elite sports training complex in Dubai. Organizes various emirates sports for all federations and programs including other activities. NAS Sports Complex offers sports like cricket, Rugby, athletics track, indoor sports facilities, squash court, tennis court and other more options. The sports complex has its own stadium, Arena & Sports Venue.

Address – 47HV+RPM – Nad Al Sheba- Dubai- United Arab Emirates 


State–of–the–art fitness center located in Downtown, Dubai is a famous sports hub. This community aims to provide the best training and sports activity to produce passionate sports persons for the nation. BALLERS offers various sports including Football, Paddle Tennis, Rugby, Ballers fitness, yoga, Performance Lab, Bubble Football, Pilates, etc.

Address – 810, Dubai Fountain Street, Downtown, Dubai, UAE

10. Star Football Academy 

Star Football Academy is one of the most trusted private football academies in the UAE. The Academy provides UAEFA with qualified and certified coaches who help in developing sports enthusiasts’ personal, social, technical, and tactical development. Because of 8 reasons this football academy is gaining more attention from sports persons and they are:-

  1.  E-learning system provided by the Star Football Academy 
  2.  International community 
  3.  High-qualified coaches at a star football academy 
  4.  Philosophy of star football academy – healthy lifestyle 
  5.  Regular friendly games, leagues, and tournaments are planned for everyone 
  6.  The club has its own training program
  7.  Star football academy  fee structure 
  8.  Amazing location in Dubai and Sharjah 

Address – Sharjah, Mirdif, Al Barsha, Dubai

Top 10 Sports Clubs For Kids In Dubai

1. Elite Sports Academy 

This is the most reputed sports club in Dubai for children. Mostly, the club avails a football academy, swimming classes and multi-sports camps for kids where they can learn more. And suppose, if your kids are more interested in sports and after seeing their talents in sports you’ve changed your mind and allowed them to make their career in sports. The Elite Sports Academy is the best place where they can learn more. Children age from 8 -16 age group can participate in different football camps organized by the Elite sports academy club’s coaching team. 

It’s a partnership with West Ham United Foundation which is known as the famous English Premier League football club. So if your kids are quite interested in football then this is the best place for them to get their coach from this academy.  
Location: This academy is located in various places in Dubai like – Arabian Ranches 2, Arabian Ranches, Al Barsha, Dubai Investment Park, Al Safa, Jumeirah Village Triangle, and Dubai Sports City.

2. Sportzcise 

Which is the best possible way for a child to grow in any skill? What would be your opinion on this? I believed that fun is the only way that helps in faster growth and a child can learn better through fun, play, and game. This method is quite effective and takes less time to teach a child. 

And sports are the best thing for the kids, not only do they like it but wish to spend more time with it.  At sportzcise it is providing various sports options including football, rugby, gymnastics, taekwondo, hockey, cricket, basketball, softball, athletics and tennis. 
Location: This club is located in South Ridge Park, Downtown Dubai, UAE

EMAAR Clearpoint

3. Mini Athletics 

If your find that your kid is quite energetic and always involve in physical activity like jumping and running all day then why don’t you encourage them for doing sports? When you teach your child from grass root level at the age between 2-7 years they can learn it better. At this age, a child can learn it more willingly.  Mini Athletics- UK –based franchise sports club is the most desired club in Dubai and here you will get the best sports options where you can start your career. 

Location: This franchise sports club is located in various places in Dubai such as Citadel Tower, Business Bay, 1st Road, Jumeirah Islands, Al Warood Street 1, Jumeirah Park, Arabian Ranches 2, B Street, off Al Wasl Road Jumeirah. 

4. Teddy Sports

It’s a UK-based sports curriculum whose prime motto is to offer the kids elements of education and sports to enhance children’s development. It helps improve children’s communication skills, social skills, hand-eye coordination, reflexes, agility, sportsman spirit and confidence. Surely, if your kid can get admission to this academy then his/her future will be bright. Currently, it is offering football and tennis classes.  

Location: This sports club is located in Marina Plazza, Dubai Marina. Truly present in an exceptional location so suppose if you are residing close to this location then you can easily reach out to this place. And suppose you are living away from this location then it is totally alright, you can take a break after the kids’ sports section and relax in the Dubai Marina. 

5. Body And Soul After School Kids Club 

If you are waiting for an opportunity then go and grab it in the Body and Soul After School Kids Club where it is offering a range of after schools sports activities. This is indeed the best choice for the kid's sports club. 

Kids age group from 5 -15 can enroll in the health club. Here it is catering to your myriads of sports facilities such as:

  •  Swimming
  •  Basketball
  •   Lawn Tennis 
  •   Fitness
  •   Volleyball
  •   Martial Arts 

Location: This exceptional sports club is located in Dubai Residential Oasis, Damascus Street.

6. Barca Academy Dubai

The name of this academy is quite known for the world’s biggest football clubs, many global superstars have learned their first step from this club and that is why it is quite famous. If you want your kids to learn the Barca way of playing then allow them to learn their best move in this club.

Here, both boys and girls can take membership, children between 4-18 age groups are highly taking in different programs under trained coaches.  The club offer membership for a full season as well as term packages. So you can choose the package as per your choice. 

Location: BARCA Academy is one of the best kid’s football academies in Dubai. Located on GEMS Wellington International School, Sheikh Zayed Road, GEMS Dubai American Academy, Dubai British School, Jumeirah Park. 

The main office is located in Office 3303, Al Shatha Tower, Dubai Media City.

7. Maxtalent Cricket Academy

If your children are very much interested in cricket then this will be the best sports club in Dubai. Here the academy runs different programs as per the age group of both boys and girls.  Apart from this, the club also arranges an international tour for the kids to let them experience both on and off-field ambiance. 

Location: Oud Metha is the opportune location where this sports club is located.  

8. AIS Athletics

This is another best sports club in Dubai for athletes, so if your little one is dreaming to become a track and field athlete then they can become a member of this sports club. You will get good training under the best coaches who work very hard to inspire the next generation of supreme athletes. Here, the club has arranged 15 different track and field events that are specifically designed to cater to children aged 4 to 18. 

Additionally, this clubhouse has taken a partnership with the UAE Ministry of Education.  So if you are trying to get an AIS membership then it starts from AED 1,000. 

Location: The clubhouse is located in GEMS World Academy, Al Barsha South

9. Arabian Ranches Golf Club
This is another sports club that offers Golf sports to play. If you love to play golf and still have not achieved that move yet or to learn it more correctly then get a membership at Arabian Ranches Golf club. Here, your child can get the best opportunity to from an early age for this beautiful course.  

Moreover, the club organizes a total of fun package golf skills programs and the term consists of 8 weekly, hence they will get enough opportunity to grow and learn in this sport. 

Location: This superb club is located in Arabian Ranches 3 and here you will enjoy a whole robust golf field that will inspire you to learn more and achieve more professional shorts within a few months of practice.  

10. Dubai Little League 

The best way to perform against an opponent is to practice hard constantly and bring that improvement in you so that it will give you the confidence to beat your opposition. Dubai Little League club is the best option in Dubai for children where they will get trained for such things. More than 400 children registered themselves and got memberships in this club.  
Even after school and on weekends kids can participate in sports activities. Mostly, baseball and softball games are primarily the first choices they choose. For more info, you can check out the official website of Dubai Little League. 

Location: This club is located Next to Al Quoz Park hence you can easily identify it. 


So, here I’ve given a range of the best sports club in Dubai and you can choose it as per your preference and nearby location. The gateway is before you now only you have to take a step ahead toward success.


What Is The Biggest Sports Facility In Dubai?

The Dubai International Stadium – A multi-purpose stadium with 148 pitch diameter and 25,000 seating capacity is the biggest sports facility in Dubai. It is designed by the Canadian Architect, Awsam Matloob.

Which Major Sports Events Are Organized In Dubai?

Dubai is well–known for some major sporting events such as the Beach Soccer International Cup, Dubai Sevens (Rugby Seven), Dubai World Cup (DWC), Al Gaffal Long Distance Race, and Dubai Watersports festival the name of few. And the scope of these sports is quite higher in Dubai.

Which Sport Is Famous In Dubai?

Dubai is well known for sports facilities and the most popular sport in this city is football. But there are other sports like Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, Golf, Horse Racing, Camel Racing, and Falcony, etc are also admired by many people and sports enthusiasts.

Where Can I Play Sports In Dubai?

Dubai International Cricket Stadium, the 18-hole Els Club, the ICC Global Cricket Academy, Dubai International Ice Hockey Stadium, and The Sevens stadium is the best sports ground to play sports in Dubai.

Is Dubai Good For Sports?

Dubai- this Arab city is quite famous for sports. Football is the most popular sport in Dubai and Dubai organizes various sports events frequently. Hence, yes, surely Dubai is good for sports.

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