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Is Arabian Ranches A Good Place To Live?

Arabian Ranches is a high-end and free-hold community in Dubai, launched in 2004 by globally reputed real estate developer Emaar Properties. This community is known for spacious villas & townhouses but still many home seekers are looking for the best reasons to buy property here.

Is Arabian Ranches A Good Place To Live?

“Arabian Ranches” - One of the best & first freehold communities of Dubai, positioned in the suburban neighborhood of this region. This community was launched in 3 phases (Arabian Ranches 1, Arabian Ranches 2, and Arabian Ranches 3), with a wide range of living options as villas & townhouses in different configurations and prices, catering to the needs of couples, and small & big families.

This community is a perfect choice for modern homebuyers & real estate investors who appreciate modern lifestyle amenities with green neighborhoods, open spaces, pools, and various sports amenities, etc. A peaceful & green neighborhood with outstanding lifestyle amenities ensures that every resident has a comfortable and enjoyable living experience. As well, this community contains many best retail & dining options from the world’s top brands.

If you are still looking for more reasons or want to know Is Arabian Ranches a good place to live?

Then, our answer is Yes, Arabian Ranches I, II, and III are good places to live. And we have many best reasons to support our statement. Let’s talk about some of the top reasons.

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Best Residential Options At Arabian Ranches


As we mentioned in the upper paragraph that Arabian Ranches was launched in 3 phases, and these phases comprise the best residential options with green and open space. So, let's elaborate on these residential options phases-wise.
Arabian Ranches I & Arabian Ranches II

These two phases of Arabian Ranches comprise 15 developments of villas & townhouses:-

I. Aseel is a well-planned residential development in Arabian Ranches I, offers 4 Bed, 5 Bed, 6 Bed, and 7 Bed Spanish-style with complete luxury and privacy. There are only 55 villas in this development, designed with modern details & high-end specifications and greenery around, which add extra appeal. From the balcony and windows of these villas, residents will enjoy eye-catching views of the Arabian Ranches Golf Course and green surroundings. As well as, Arabian Ranches I comprises the best retail, dining & leisure arrangement to make it the best place to live. 

II. Al Reem is another development of this community, positioned next to the AL Reem Lake, and the name of this development is also taken from this lake. Al Reem development offers 2 & 3 Bed townhouses with attached maid rooms. Al Reem development is also launched in three phases, Al Reem 1, Al Reem 2, and Al Reem 3 with an appealing set of green & open land and an eye-catching lake. So, this development not only provides luxury townhouses with modern features but a peaceful surrounding too where you can walk, jog, play, or sit and enjoy life. 

III. Alvorada development is a perfect destination for individuals or families who prefer to live in the lap of nature with close proximity to modern infrastructure. Offering 3 Bed, 4 Bed & 5 Bed Villas with stunning architecture, modern amenities and peaceful and family-friendly settings. The inner part of Alvorada is rich with lush greenery, open grounds, walking & running tracks, and a wide range of amenities. As well as, the outer neighborhood comprises Golf Club, Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, and Dubai Autodrome, presenting countless opportunities for recreation.

IV. Alma development was launched ad Alma 1 and Alma 2 with luxurious 3 Bed Villas. These Spanish architecture-inspired villas are equipped with terracotta roofs, modern fittings & fixtures, vibrant colors, spacious floor plans and spacious private gardens. Just like other sub-developments in Arabian Ranches, Alma 1 & Alma 2 both are separate gated developments with round-the-clock security & safety provisions. 

V. Al Mahra is a stunning residential development in the community, offering 4 Bed, 5 Bed, 6 Bed and 7 Bed villas with traditional Arabic architecture but modern amenities & features. From these duplex-style villas, eye-catching views of the green landscapes are guaranteed. The development features a perfect setting for the residents to live a comfortable & opportune life. 

VI. Mirador is positioned at the easter part of the community, presenting 4 Bed, 5 Bed, 6 Bed and 7 Bed Villas with Spanish-inspired structural design. The development is known for its extensive open spaces and modern amenities to provide a perfect setting for luxury living. As a resident of Mirador, you will have access to various services & amenities, and options to relax & recreate. All in all, this is a perfect place to call home. 

VII. Saheel is one of the grand development positioned on the northwest side of the community. This development offers 3 &5 Bed detached-style villas, equipped with modern fittings & fixtures, a perfect offering for modern families. Saheel at Arabian Ranches is a grand development comprised of well-maintained roads and beautiful walkways that are connected to every part of the development to the community and further to the highways. Every amenity, feature & service here is well maintained to provide a trouble-free & comfortable life. 

VIII. Savannah is a residential development within the community offering 3 Bed, 4 Bed and 5 Bed Villas in Dubai under three categories - contemporary, classing and standard. If you buy any of these villas in Savannah then you will have access to numerous amenities, features, outdoor activities, parks, walkways and other features. As well as, nearby a retail complex & stores handles every requirement of day to day life of the residents. This is a perfect development for families who are looking for a peaceful & family-friendly setting. 

IX. Palmera development was launched in 4 phases,  Palmera 1, Palmera 2, Palmera 3 and Palmera 4. This development is positioned around Palmera Lake, so most of the units here offer eye-catching views of the surrounding. Here, you can buy 3 or 4 bed duplex villas, designed in clusters with Spanish influence in architecture. This development is presenting the perfect setting for jogging & walking,  or just sitting peacefully around the lake. With a wide range of amenities, and luxury & comfortable living spaces Palmera at Arabian Ranches is an ideal development for modern families. 

X. Terranova is positioned in the southern part of the community. Here 4 Bed, 5 Bed, 6 Bed and 7 Bed villas are available for sale inspired by Santa Fe Style architecture. Villas at Arabian Ranches Terranova are comes with high ceilings, open spaces and eye-catching views of the Golf course. Terranova development is surrounded by lush green surrounding and modern amenities that offers its residents lots of opportunity to enjoy their life peacefully & comfortably. 

XI. Hattan at Arabian Ranches offers three-story luxury villas perfectly positioned next to the Golf Course. The architecture of these villas is unique with Arabic design, sandy colour theme and open terraces. Every villa here stands on spacious plots with a private garden, and parking spaces and offers complete privacy. There is a wide range of luxury amenities are available for the residents like a swimming pool, play area, parks & barbecue etc.

XII. Mirador La Coleccion is positioned in the eastern part of the community and presents 4 Bed, 5 Bed, 6 Bed and 7 Bed Spanish architecture-style villas. Every unit here is available with a modern design, extensive plot size, green surroundings and eye-catching view of the Golf club. This development also boasts modern amenities & features by keeping in mind the lifestyle of elite-class home buyers & real estate investors.

XIII. La Avenida was also launched in Phase 1 & Phase 2 and offers Portuguese style 4, 5 & 6 Bed Villas. These are a limited number of villas that are well-known for complete privacy and comfortable lifestyle. Comes with a spacious garden, parking and a luxurious interior design. Positioned around the Alma Lake and the green neighbourhood provides a perfect setting for an exciting & luxurious life. 

XIV. Golf Villas development is positioned in the best location of Arabian Ranches. Offering luxury Spanish themed  5 Bed, 6 Bed and 7 Bed villas in three style options - Hacienda, Castilla and Suncalia. But there are only a limited 18 units available here, each with high-end fittings & fixtures, spacious floor planning, parking space and lawn. This is a perfect family-friendly development that offers an unparalleled standard of living through a wide range of amenities, a golf course, a tennis court, and a gym. As well as, this development is positioned nearby the best schools, retail stores, and restaurants, creating a perfect family-friendly neighbourhood. 

XV. Polo Homes comprises luxury villas for international-class home buyers & investors. Positioned in the best location of Arabian Ranches with a wide range of amenities. As its name defined Polo Homes is a polo-themed development in close proximity to Dubai Polo and Equestrian club. 

Facts about Arabian Ranches 1:-

  • Spread over 30.50 million sq. ft.
  • Approx 17,000+ residents 
  • 4455 total no. of units
  • 2 to 7 Bed villas & townhouses

Arabian Ranches III

This is the community where most of the developments are off-plan and will be ready for possession in the next couple of years, located in the freehold central Dubailand district. 

Now many people may ask - “is Arabian Ranches 3 a good investment?” Our answer is yes because what we expect from any real estate investment is excellent ROI. With a property in Arabian Ranches 3 Dubai, you can expect a high 4 - 5 % ROI in villas & townhouses. The demand for luxury villas & townhouses in Dubai is growing especially in the middle of ex-pats, Asians & residents of European countries. And communities like Arabian Ranches III are the top choices. 

The best developments of the Arabian Ranches III community are:-

Joy at Arabian Ranches III is a wonderful development to live in, especially for families. Offering 3 & 4 Bed Townhouses in three types - Contemporary Refined, Stylish Cubic and Modern Sophisticated. Every unit here comes with high-end finishing with spacious floor planning to provide enough space for your family.  This development is positioned perfectly between Sheikh Zayed Hamdan Al Nahyan Stree and Emirates Road, so connectivity is not an issue here. Amenities at Arabian Ranches III Joy makes this development one of the happiest addresses in Dubai by providing something for everyone.

Configuration 3 & 4 Bed Villas/Townhouses 
Possession 2023

Spring at Arabian Ranches III offers 3 & 4 Bed Townhouses and villas with plenty of spaces where residents can live and nurture comfortably. These residential options are available in two styles options - Cream & Chestnut. Arabian Ranches III Spring villas promise to offer a spacious & well-ventilated space through smart floor planning and perfect positions of doors & windows to provide complete privacy. All in all, this is a perfect option for residents who are looking for a modern design with spacious living. 

Configuration 3 & 4 Bed Townhouses
Possession 2022

Ruba at Arabian Ranches III is an off-plan residential development at Arabian Ranches III community, offering 3 Bed & 4 Bed Townhouses in three types - Siraj Collection, Atheer Collection and Manar Collection. Every type at Arabian Ranches III Ruba promises to provide residents with a pleasant and luxurious living experience. Every unit here is completely fitted with modern fittings & fixtures, spacious rooms and windows & balconies.  If we talk about development then there are also loads of dining & retail options with the best amenities and features. 

Configuration 3 & 4 Bed Townhouses
Possession 2023

Sun at Arabian Ranches III offers 3 & 4 Bedroom townhouses with modern interior design and high-quality fittings & fixtures and modern amenities to provide the best possible luxury living to the residents. These townhouses are available in 2 types with private gardens and outdoor terraces, perfect space for children & senior citizens to roam & play freely. This development comes with a wide range of amenities, as well as, residents can access the community features & services. So these off-plan townhouses in Arabian Ranches III are a perfect choice for families & investors. 

Configuration 3 & 4 Bed Townhouses
Possession 2023

 EMAAR Bliss Arabian Ranches III  is offering Santorini Greece-inspired townhouses in 3 Bed & 4 Bed configurations. These townhouses are also available in two types - Amber Collection and Ivory Collection and both types come with garden views, large windows & terraces and are just a few steps away from the swimming pool. A perfect setting for modern families, this development provides a cozy ambiance where people from different communities, cultures, and nations can live in harmony.

Configuration 3 & 4 Bed Townhouses
Possession 2024

EMAAR Caya  Arabian Ranches III is a development of 3, 4 & 5 Bed standalone villas. Every villa here is luxurious & spacious but each configuration has its unique specification. For example, the 3 Bed Villa at Arabian Ranches Caya comes with a spacious terrace, double garage, and generous rooftop terrace.  4 Bed Villa here comes with a large balcony area, terraces on the ground floor and roof, and a generous garden. A 5 Bed villa at Caya is available with a garage for 3 vehicles, a spacious balcony and terraces with a ground-floor firepit, and a substantial roof lounge. These villas are surrounded by lush green surroundings & modern amenities & features. All in all, Caya is a great option for families who are looking for a spacious & comfortable lifestyle. 

Configuration 3, 4 & 5 Bed Villas
Possession 2024

EMAAR June Arabian Ranches 3 offering 4 & 5 Bed Villas and Emaar promoting this development as family-friendly. There are two types of villas are available for sale - Moonstone and Onyx. June Arabian Ranches 3 Townhouses come with side gardens, parking spaces and spacious terraces to provide extra living spaces.  Every unit is designed to offer extra comfort & convenience to the residents. Spacious & modern interiors and smart floor planning are the extra perks that come with these villas. 
Configuration 4 & 5 Bed Villas
Possession NA

EMAAR Raya at Arabian Ranches 3 is a luxury development offering 3 & 4 Bed townhouses in a peaceful & luxurious setting. This development is designed to perfectly merge indoor and outdoor spaces, shaping a pleasant environment where inhabitants can relax and unwind. As a part of the Arabian Ranches 3 community residents of this development have access to a wide range of amenities & features. If you are looking for a modern yet classy development in the peaceful neighborhood of Dubai, then Raya at Arabian Ranches 3 is a perfect option for you. 

Configuration 3 & 4 Bed Townhouses
Possession 2026

Anya at Arabian Ranches III is the latest residential development in the community offering luxurious 3 & 4 Bed Townhouses. This is a gated development within Arabian Ranches 3 community, so the residents always feel safe & comfortable here. An abundance of green & open spaces inside the development creates a relaxing & peaceful environment. A wide range of amenities & features here offer countless of options to enjoy and keep the residents active & fit at every time. All in all, Arabian Ranches III Anya presents a desirable and attractive living environment for those who value a peaceful, family-oriented lifestyle, surrounded by nature and quality recreational amenities.

Configuration 3 & 4 Bed Townhouses
Possession 2026

So, these are the top real estate development in Arabian Ranches 3. Click on this link if you want to know about the Pros & Cons of living in the Arabian Ranches 3 community.

Best Education For The Children At Arabian Ranches

What is the biggest concern of a home buyer who has small children?
Yes, proximity to the best schools & institutions. 

That’s a very great thing to know that Arabian Ranches as a master community have the best quality education institutes. 

JESS (Jumeirah English Speaking School) is the best school positioned within the peripheries of this community. As its name defined, JESS offers a comprehensive education with a focus on the Curriculum of England. This is one of the few schools in Dubai where more attention has focused on a wide range of extracurricular activities for the holistic development of the students. 

Ranches Primary School is the best option for primary school, positioned in the heart of the Arabian Ranches II community. This school follow the National Curriculum of England, and currently approx more than 500 children both boys & girls are studying here. Ranches Primary school is known for its innovative teaching skills and is one of the top-rated schools by KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority).

As well as, many top institutions & colleges are nearby the Arabian Ranches community. So, every study-related concern of the home buyers is perfectly taken care of here. 

Best Healthcare For The Residents of Arabian Ranches

The good health of the family members is the key to a happy life. Sometimes it doesn’t matters where we are living, but in case of emergency, it is very important to have access to the best healthcare facilities. So, it is very important to have access to the best healthcare option, and this is also one of the biggest key points in the planning of the Arabian Ranches community.
That’s why this community has its own Medi-Clinic. This medical-clinic takes care of every health-related need of the residents like a general checkup, first-aid, vaccination, and other treatments. 

As well as, Dubai Marina, Business Bay & Downtown are just a couple of minutes away from Arabian Ranches. In these regions of Dubai, you can find many best healthcare centers & hospitals.

Best Amenities For The Residents Of Arabian Ranches

Arabian Ranches 1, Arabian Ranches 2 and Arabian Ranches 3 altogether have the best amenities for the residents. Many readers often get confused between amenities & specifications. Here we want to make it clear that amenities are something that provides comfort, convenience or enjoyment to the residents. 

Now come to the amenities in the Arabian Ranches community. Actually, at the time of planning of amenities, it is very important to keep in mind every age group and gender and their hobbies, likes & dislikes. Here, at the time of planning this point has been perfectly kept in mind. 

As a resident of Arabian Ranches I, II or III you will have access to a variety of shopping outlets. This community is spread alongside the road which comprises many retail outlets from big brands. Souk inside the community offers a wide range of stores, F&B options, grocery and other services. As well as, this master community is positioned nearby a grand mall “Al Quoz” which comprises more options in family restaurants, lifestyle stores, cinemas and mosques. 

Other amenities of the Arabian Ranches community are:- 

  • Tennis Courts
  • Cricket Field
  • Sports & Leisure
  • Cricket Field
  • Clubhouse

Best Location Of Arabian Ranches 1, 2 and 3

When it comes to the location advantages & connectivity then there is no opponent to the Arabian Ranches community. This community enjoy the benefit of proximity to the major highways of Dubai like Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Ain Road and Dubai Bypass Road takes the residents to a different corner of the city including Dubai Downtown, Business Bay, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Creek Harbour etc. within few minutes. 

As a well-connected community in Dubai, Arabian Ranches is also one of the few regions in Dubai where the residents are enjoying a peaceful & green neighbourhood. So, here you will get best of the both worlds. 

Arabian Ranches A Best Community For Foreigners

There are two factors that make it possible, first is Arabian Ranches is a freehold development, which means anyone even foreigners can buy property here. Another factor is, Arabian Ranches is a foreigner-friendly community, so home buyers from any nationality can buy a home here and live peacefully. As well as, there are many factors that make Arabian Ranches the best choice for foreign home buyers some of the best are:-

  • Family-friendly setting
  • Affordable housing in comparison to other residential options in Dubai and other top locations of the world
  • Availability of top lifestyle amenities
  • Numerous Parks & Green
  • Crime Free Neighborhood

As well as, other factors are common that we have mentioned in the top paragraph like proximity to Downtown Dubai, major roads & highways, and schools with English curricula.

Arabian Ranches A Pet-Friendly Community

These days more & more people are becoming pet owners and prefer to live in pet-friendly communities. So, pet-friendly communities are the need of the hour. 

Now the question is - What are pet-friendly communities?

Pet-friendly communities are communities that are suitable for pets with a range of amenities like:-

  • Pet waste station
  • Green spaces for dogs
  • Dog play areas

So, Arabian Ranches is a pet-friendly community with pet-tolerant neighbors. This community offers luxury standalone villas and townhouses with private gardens & lawns, making every home suitable for homebuyers with pets. Arabian Ranches community itself has large open spaces and waterbodies where you can stroll with your pets without any restriction.
Even if you do not have a pet, Arabian Ranches is still a perfect community for you as it presents a peaceful and tranquil setting with close proximity to the city center. 


After reading all these upper mentioned points on Arabian Ranches, now it is acknowledged that Arabian Ranches is one of the best communities for modern home buyers. This is one of the few free-hold communities where residents have all the lifestyle amenities, modern features and accessible facilities. Arabian Ranches is a family-friendly & pet-friendly place to peacefully live with your family. 

Note:- Please check the policies of the community & the city before signing the agreement. 

FAQs Of Arabian Ranches Community

Q. What is the exact location of the Arabian Ranches community?

Ans. Arabian Ranches community is located at Wadi Al Safa 6, next to the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, in close proximity to Global Village. 

Q. Which Metro Station is nearby Arabian Ranches Community?

Ans. The nearest metro stations are Umm Al Sheif and Mall of the Emirates metro stations which are 10 - 15 minutes driving distance away from Arabian Ranches 1, 2 and 3. 

Q. Can we reach the Arabian Ranches community by Bus?

Ans. Yes, you can take F 29 and F 30 Buses to reach the Arabian Ranches community. 

Q. How far is the Arabian Ranches community from Dubai Downtown?

Ans. Dubai Downtown is just 23 kilometres away from Arabian Ranches location, in normal traffic you can easily reach here within 30 minutes. 

Q. What are the top residential developments in Arabian Ranches 1, 2 and 3?

Ans. Even as every residential project in this community is best but if you are really looking for your family or real estate investment then Arabian Ranches 3 is the best. 

Q. Are Arabian Ranches 1, 2 & 3 a good choice for family living?

Ans. Yes, this community have every ingredient of a happy & luxurious life. So it is the best choice for family living. 

Q. Can I buy an off-plan property in Arabian Ranches 1, 2 or 3?

Ans. Properties in Arabian Ranches 1 & 2 are ready to move in and sold out,  but there are some options in Arabian Ranches 3. For more detail, you can contact us.

 Q. Can Foreigners buy residential proeperties in Arabian Ranches 3?

Ans. Arabian Ranches is a freehold community, so anyone can buy property here. 

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