How To Set Up A Home Office In Dubai? Know The Smart Tips

Work from home in Dubai is the new trend that is gaining all the attention. The essential tips help you in maintaining a positive working atmosphere at home. Look at the amazing tips to follow and make the office set up at home.

How To Set Up A Home Office In Dubai? Know The Smart Tips

How does it feel like work from home?

I feel if it is done with a proper schedule then it is good but if not then it feels like a burden because achieving tasks in WFH is like catching a pie in the sky and sometimes it feels like spring to life.

In a bid to reduce the spread of Covid-19, the UAE government took the step of allowing Working from Home in Dubai.

How about you? What do you feel? Is it a relief or a mess? Are you able to manage things and work simultaneously?

Well, well, I would be having a long list of questions from you guys but we can discuss them later, as of now let’s focus on setting up a home office in Dubai when you are not allowed to go office.

You need to make a stunning space for yourself that keeps you energetic.

The home office has taken the centre stage post-pandemic. It isn’t a new phenomenon but something now commonly heard. Corona Virus crisis has made this work-from-home phenomenon possible. This has actually saved so much of their traveling time. In fact, there are countless people who are planning to makeshift to home offices permanently.

Just not this! The home office is not just about the table and chair, but it is about a proper ergonomic setup with many things in the count. But there are a few things to keep in mind while making the setup that it does not affect your productivity. This need to have all the equipment that you work on peacefully and allows you to communicate with your team without any interruption. Mini-office at home increase your productivity, you have to stay away from distractions.

So, let’s get started!

Make Desk Space - Capacious And Perfect

What do you mean by perfect workspace? Everyone has their special corner at home where they live, love, and laugh. Similarly, the workspace should be planned in a manner that it stays exclusively for work. If you have a separate room then it should be specifically for work, no other things over there or if you don’t have a vacant room then choose some peaceful corner of the home.  Make sure the space is sufficient for computer equipment or if it is a laptop then also a desk is important. Work-life should be different from personal life- try as much as possible.

  • Ensure that area is airy and well-lit
  • Keep it cluttered free ensuring a healthy environment
  • Don’t keep anything distracting you
  • Choose the space with sockets and extension cables, but not many

Position - Well Maintained And Beneficial

You can never be productive by working from the bed or inside the blanket. No matter which corner of your home you are using, better make it in a way that is not hampering your productivity. Moreover, you stay away from pain and exertion that can happen because of the wrong position. Your working position matter a lot, some quick tips

  • Avoid exposure directly to sunlight
  • Avoid working from bed hampering productivity
  • Take an ergonomic chair ensuring comfort
  • Keep the height of the desktop suitable for neck

Storage - Enough To Store Your Things

You always have some extra space in the office for storing your extra material at the end of the day. Make sure you make the space that let you wrap the things easily and there you can keep all your basic work things at the end of the day. This keeps the desk clean and tidy.

  • Choose some inventive pouch to keep things
  • Add a drawer below the working desk
  • Add a little basket or little study table to keep your files
  • Keep colorful files arrange important docs

Proper Sitting Arrangement Is A Must - Don’t Let Anything Affect Your Health

Well, I have explained that proper sitting position is important but for that having proper sitting arrangement is a must. It seems so tempting that you just need to pull a chair and sit as per your convenience when working from home. But that is not a good idea until and unless you have proper back support to sit for long hours. Make such an arrangement that it supports your neck and eyes, sit so your spine should be in a neutral position, etc. If you make a wrong choice then it is just painful! Avoid sitting in a wrong position that does not favor your back and neck.

  • Take proper work desk with few drawers
  • Take an ergonomic chair to support and comfort your body
  • Add a cushion supporting your posture   

Keep The Workspace Neat And Clutter-free - Ensure This Mandatorily

Who can sit in a dirty space? I mean how do you keep the clutter accumulated at the place where you are working. This is the most important tip that goes hand in hand with your need to keep the workspace or home office neat and clean. One of the most common downsides is that you should keep your food/snack plates, and coffee/tea mugs back in the original space. Just take out some time for yourself and get rid of the crumbs and dust of the space- 10 minutes are more than enough to clean and wipe the mess.

  • Avoid gathering stacks of paper
  • Do dusting the work desk daily
  • Keep all the documents arranged
  • Don’t leave the coffee cups and spills on the desk

Greenery Can Never Go Wrong - Add A Little To It

Greenery is always soothing and the thing that lifts the mood. By adding a little greenery to your workspace you can make the environment healthy and soothing. A cute little potted plant is enough that will add a small green patch to your workspace. The increased level of oxygen released by that plant helps in stimulating the brain. It is also something to add freshness and brighten the look of the workspace. Plants have manifold benefits like it reduce stress, increasing productivity, reducing sickness, boosting creativity, etc.

  • Keep a flowing stem of money plant
  • Put a little pot with a small plant in it
  • Add a fresh flower daily spreading the fragrance

Don’t Work Like A Robot - Learn To Stop When Required

Don’t overstress yourself when you work. You should know when you have to stop. Creating an efficient working space means you should know the working hours ensuring comfort as well. Wrap up your work at the right time and walk away from the workspace when you are done with the work. You will be burning yourself in work pressure. If you stay logged in, then you will ultimately give replies and if you log out on time then you won’t be tempted to reply. Work better and rest best.

  • Log out at any time if not necessary
  • Work for the important hours necessary
  • Take short breaks in between to boost productivity
  • Drink some coffee and tea for fresh

How To Increase Productivity While Working From Home?

Working from home can sometimes be overwhelming and sometimes despise. Sometimes you don’t feel like working because of not so working atmosphere around and sometimes you enjoy that flexibility in the schedule and enjoy the comfort and luxuries at home. Since no one is keeping an eye on you, but still it depends on you how productive you get.

There are many companies that give full permission to the employees for working from home in Dubai. This become a regular affair after the pandemic when the unfamiliar people also got familiar with the WFH routine and now it is a choice whether you want to work from home as a necessity or as a career choice.

I feel that remote work comes with lots of challenges and Dubai is a place that asks for maximum productivity for which WFH is a good option. Also, it depends on the nature of your job which one is preferable, but the main motive should be a peak in productivity.

In order to give maximum productivity, you need to follow the tips mentioned below.

Make And Maintain A Fixed Schedule

Get up, dress up and then work! This is the schedule that one should follow. Wearing new dresses, if not new then at least clean, ironed clothes make you feel confident, and getting ready for the office always feels fascinating. So, why not follow the routine when you are working from home? It's fine if you are in your most comfortable clothes but follow a schedule of waking, dressing, and food including all the meals, breaks, etc. structuring your work hours is just not enough, make a schedule, follow it and stay motivated.

  • Get up early, do some meditation
  • Take an early morning shower to stay fresh for the whole day
  • Give some time to your social media
  • Eat healthily and prefer juices & soups more

Break Is Mandatory - Take It Freely

Breaks are very important to rejuvenate and revive from the mundane work life. You don’t need it every hour but occasionally you surely need it. You are not monitored at home, but that does not mean you fall into the temptation of taking breaks. Even according to studies mental break is important to keep you more focused on the work. Bosses really need to understand this! Well, the breaks should be in between 5-15 minutes.

  • Make some personal calls that make you feel good
  • Use your favorite social media application
  • You can take a quick power nap in between refreshing the market
  • You can check on your schedule how to increase productivity

What Are The Best Applications For Work From Home Office Setups?

Well, working from home in Dubai post-pandemic brought countless changes. To limit the spread of the pandemic this work-from-home routine has been offered that work, salary, and health nothing get compromised. But the employees need to make sure about following the guidelines to let the company run efficiently. To maintain that efficiency and in fact to increase that some tools can be used by each individual that allows you to boost productivity. Not just the productivity but communication is the key to successful work, and even when you are on WFH you need to stay connected with the team and this can be done via messaging apps, video calls, and some other applications that can become a mode of connection.

Video Calling Apps In Dubai

Why miss your family and friends located across the globe? Why miss the office vibe and the same faces when you can video call them? Well, video calling is such a big relief that allows easy connectivity with family, friends, and colleagues. You can stay connected through:

  • C’ME
  • ZOOM
  • IMO
  • SKYPE 

Instant Messaging Apps In Dubai

Having some quick doubt! What about instant messaging? People who are working either remotely or from home surely need to have a quick connection and get instant replies. Get all of your queries solved from the below-mentioned messaging apps.


Remote Desktop Applications  

Remote desktop software is a software feature of an operating system that facilitates a user to access a computer in another place, see its desktop, and interact with it as if it were local. So, if in case you find any problem then you can connect via:


 Project Management Tools

Following deadlines have always been nerve-wracking and especially when you are working from home, it can be challenging but you need to keep a check on how you meet the deadlines without putting extra pressure on your mind and body. But if in case you are having any kind of problem in managing deadlines then these tools can help you out.


Other Helpful Tools To Work From Home In Dubai

Apart from the tools mentioned above, there are other helpful tools that you can use working from home in Dubai. Though the above-mentioned applications and tools are very useful and can ease several tasks letting you easily connect with the people present anywhere in the world. Some other tools include:


This thus concludes the long list of helpful tools that the residents can use working from home.


Working from home can surely be a mesmerizing feeling if you follow a proper schedule otherwise it will not just hamper your work, but your body and mind as well. You would not like working after a specific period because you don’t stay in that energetic working zone, you feel lazy and make your routine mundane. Thankfully all the tools and applications let you stay connected with your colleagues and the ones you want to stay connected with. I hope the above-mentioned tips put an impetus to your working spirit and help you boost your productivity.

FAQs (Some Quick-witted Questions)

Some quick tips:

  • Start early
  • Think you are going office
  • Make a routine like you are in the office
  • Choose a workspace
  • Make a near desk
  • Take small breaks
  • Maintain your health
  • Boost productivity

Q2. Can anyone work from home in Dubai?
Looking at the exceptionally increasing talent and expertise from all over, the UAE cabinet took the decision of approving the remote work visa scheme enabling the employees to come and work here.

Q3. Are you allowed to work for an Indian company in UAE?
Yes, you are free to work for the Indian company staying in UAE but the tax exposure will be for the Indian company in Dubai. Know the complete laws first and then make the final decision.

Q4. Which jobs can be done from home in Dubai?
There are many options that you can choose to do work from home in Dubai like private tuition, telemarketing intern, sales & marketing representative, healthcare manager, etc.

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