Pros And Cons Of Living In Dubai Hills Estate Community

Advantages of living in Dubai Hills Estate community- Better location, family & pet-friendly zone, peaceful ambience, better ROI and more. Come here and know the reasons why to live in Dubai Hills Estate?

Pros And Cons Of Living In Dubai Hills Estate Community

Dubai has always been the first choice for the tourists as it is ‘Economical’ and ‘Attractive’ destination, but did you think about property investment in Dubai? Yes, you read it right and will be glad to know that Dubai is considered as the second home destination where for Indians this is the most suitable destination and about 40% have shown their interest.

So was something to focus on as the data showcases the demand for Dubai Properties, and after keeping the percentage of interest in mind, here we are going to unveil the top community in Dubai “Dubai Hills” which is “Highly searched community for luxury projects” which is over 20,000,000 sq. ft. area with 21,896+ families residing.

Also if you become part of it, then you should know the Top nationalities of investors in Dubai Hills Estate, below is the list:-

  • India/UAE
  • China
  • UK
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia/Iran

So the above list gives better picture on the ‘Interested Nationalities’ where Indians have converted into the maximum users followed by UAE, China and more.

Now if you too are going to be its part, then you should know about its PROs and CONs to take the right decision and best for both investors and home buyers.

What Is Dubai Hills Estate ?

It is a community in Dubai which is divided into different zones- Villas, restaurants, shopping centre and residential towers which makes it a self sufficient living society to bring families and bachelors together and lead a comfortable journey.

Get Its Complete Overview
Dubai Hills Estate widely known as Dubai Hills which enjoys the direct access from Al Barsha South along the Al Khail Road (E44) highway, and this community is the vital part of MBR City which is falls between Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina, and Mohammed Bin Rashid City is one of the prime areas in Dubai creating opportunities and ease of living.

EMAAR takes the leadership to conceptualized and planned this beautiful community where 18 hole championship golf course is the main highlight of the community laced with sports facilities, office space, high rising towers, hotels and more to create better community that ameliorates the lifestyle.

Accessible To New Features And Advantages Of Living In Dubai Hills Estate

  • Skate Park
  • Volleyball
  • Dog Park
  • Basketball
  • Jogging Track
  • Only Longest Park
  • Backdrop of Burj Khalifa

Pros Of Living In Dubai Hills Estate - You Should Know The Perks

1. Location With Wider Access

As mentioned above, this community is the part of MBR City which is next to Al Barsha and Al Quoz which ensures feasible connectivity all over Dubai, and then not to forget that it cherishes a beautiful view of Burj Khalifa and it takes short drive anywhere.

Some Driving Benefits You Should Know:-

  • Burj Khalifa- 10 min
  • Global Village- 29 min
  • Dubai Frame- 15 min
  • Business Bay- 12 min
  • Palm Jumeirah- 18 min
  • Dubai Mall- 15 min
  • Sheikh Zayed Road- 17 min
  • Miracle Garden- 10 min
  • Dubai International Airport- 20 min

2. The Panoramic And Peaceful Ambience

Surely the ambience makes the different because the look & feel changes the aroma of the community, so here in Dubai Hills Estate you will embrace the panoramic view of the real beauty “ Burj Khalifa” and the ambient creates true peace where the site is laced with greenery that brings everyone into the right trance which is 100% a stress buster for all.

When you start living in a green ambience where Dubail Hills develops parks and open spaces over 1,450,000 Sq. M. area it embraces positivity which further has an optimistic impact on your body and soul. With this, water bodies and jogging track all around create a leeway for the residents to explore every bite of Dubai Hills Estate.

3. Pet Friendly Zone

To really create the friendly ambience for your furry friend the community comes with 1,450,000 Sq. M Parks & open spaces and 180,000 Sq. M Dubai Hills Park which is adequate enough for your pet where they can play, explore, run and you create best memories with your dog. So this way it makes it the pet friendly community in Dubai.

4. Community Offers Best Properties For Sale

Here we bring down the top properties for sale in Dubai Hills Estate by EMAAR offering 1, 2 and 3 bed apartments, townhouses and duplexes served with the pool of amenities and fully secured ambient.

  • EMAAR Park Field (Off Plan)This is another latest residential property available for sale in Dubai Hills here it combines the merge of 1, 2 and 3 bed apartments and townhouses, so the home buyers will have better & bigger access and as per the budget & motive they can make the right selection.  With 10 per cent booking amount and 70:30 payment plan it makes it easy for the buyers to make payment in portions and with the minimum amount they can lock in this new property in Dubai. And it parts from AED 1.060,000 Million which comparatively looks little higher, but when it comes to EMAAR there is nothing to repent as everything is way organized and planned.

Amenities Inside EMAAR Park Field

Without its services and benefits the project looks incomplete and baseless, so to bring families together and let them socialize, here the site offers a gym, spa, clubhouse, sports hub, restaurants, fitness centre, parks, golf options and more. Every resident is free to get into these services at any point of time.

Exclusive Access

  • Size of 63 football fields
  • 1.2 million SQM of fairways
  • European golf design managed by Troon Golf

EMAAR Dubai Hills Estate Park Point (Ready Project)

Little expensive and based on the different concept where it offers duplexes and apartments, both of them are planned on the futuristic floor plan to get an uninterrupted view of the city and the project is laced with alluring trees and greenery with proper theme to add the attraction and live up to its standard by infusing every required feature.

  • TYPOLOGY - 1, 2 and 3 bed apartments with Duplex options
  • LOCATION - Dubai Hills Estate
  • PROJECT STATUS - Completed

Amenities Inside Dubai Hills Estate Park Point

This Park Point site creates a point by uniting people together by offering them the new range of amenities- gym, spa, clubhouse, infinity edge pool, kids play area, restaurants and more options are infused inside to get into an active and energetic lifestyle.

After the sedentary lifestyle it is must to get into activities where you actually live the fullest of your life. And the most important add on of living in such a planned project is you get a meaningful stay where every feature benefits you to ameliorate the lifestyle.

Approachable Location In Dubai

Therefore for both the project, its location is well infused to on the popular area MBR City which is the part of master development Meydan that offers the flexible living space by accessing the local needs- school, hospital, clinic, restaurants and lots more social infrastructures are in the vicinity.

Improved ROI & Increase In Price

Now the readers might be clear about the community enough where its existing and upcoming developments showcase betterment and creates a ray of hope for the home buyers and investors both.

Now, are you worried about the growth in Dubai Hills? Are you aware of its ROI?

Relax, we going to put forward the data and on the basis of this it will give you a clear idea on whether you should make an investment in Dubai Hills or not.

In the year 2021, the number of residential property sales boosted by 151% which is comparatively way higher than the other communities- Dubai Marina, Business Bay, Al Merkadh (MBR City), sports city and more where the number of transactions were 3,232, and if we compared it with Q1 2022 it shows 336 number of transactions which got a jump down by - 35.52%, but investors should not give up because the above mentioned data showcases that EMAAR Dubai Hills community has witnessed the major growth of 151% which is way better than many top communities in Dubai.

In addition to this, the average transaction price got an appreciation of +12.28% which is comparatively impressive than the past year, and this data projects better appreciation in the property where investors have already benefitted and the upcoming will make their place too.

For better understanding let us give you the Figures & Percentages below.

  Q1 2021 Q1 2022 %
No. of transactions 521 336 -35.51%
Transacted Value AED 1,851,450,000 AED 2,078,880,000 +12.28%


Other than if you are concerned about the ROI, then here let us bifurcate the data with the ROI and unit types so that it is easily understandable and comparisons will bring you closer to your decision.

ROI Units
5.2% 1 Bed (Apt)
5.1% 2 Bed (Apt)
5%  3 Bed (Apt)
4.2% 4 Bed (Apt)
5.1%  3 Bed (Villa)
4.8 %  4 Bed (Villa)
4.4%   5 Bed (Villa)
3.8%  6 Bed (Villa)
4.3% 7 Bed (Villa)


Maximum ROI is seen in 1 bed apartment at about 5.2 per cent which is worth considering for those who are seeking a property with better ROI and high rental will generate good monthly income, and the rest could vary as per the need of the family, where the 4 bed villa with 4.8% ROI is not a bad option too where capacious space and futuristic designs just complete the overall experience.

Long story short, Dubai Hills community is at its growing stage where at the time of completion it is going to address more appreciation and growth to the investors, and the above transacted value already have shown the price increase, so if you invest X in some years it will not fail to provide you 2X. And for home buyers, they need to hold their horses because projects are at its off plan stage, so for completion and to really move they need some patience, and if there is an urgency, then there are some ready projects too.

Cons Of Living In Dubai Hills Estate - Know It For Better Awareness

1. Unfinished Construction 

The builder has promised the futuristic developments where as of now nothing much is there in Dubai Hills Estate and as it is the latest community planned by EMAAR where the off plan projects are in the process of completion and the social and physical infrastructures are in its systematic stage where the upcoming residents will have comfort from every development. But at present, you might feel isolation and discomfort.

2. Transportation Challenges

Inadequate public transport where the users might be in trouble, but the ray of hope is always there, so the community is going to add different transportation for the public where they can commute to any part of Dubai. And at present, bus and metro facilities near Al Barsha community are best to use because these are the two robust options to aid the commuters and more are in the pipeline.

And now if you are wondering - Is Dubai Hills Estate a good investment? 

Then yes, it is a good investment because the community is a favourable option for both home buyers and investors as it promises family friendly environment, better ROI and in fact more robust reasons support the idea of investment in Dubai Hills Estate. 

Wrapping Up

Now grabbing everything together- pros and cons of living in Dubai Hills Estate (Better location, family & pet-friendly zone, peaceful ambience, better ROI and more) it comes out that Dubai Hills Estate is one of the developing and promising communities where the ROI and impressive price appreciation makes it an ideal location for novice and experienced investors.

The main idea of being a part of this community is that there are many off plan projects so it holds bigger and longer opportunities and other than this, its closeness to Burj Khalifa will always be an add on. And most importantly, properties under AED 1 Million are the main element here where it garners the attention of the buyers.

People Also Ask:

Q1- Is Dubai Hills a good place to live?
It is going to be a family friendly community with an array of living benefits ameliorating the lifestyle and a highly searched community for luxury homes so the community is creating high standard residential zone to enjoy the panoramic view of the Burj Khalifa and get into mammoth amenities.

Q2- Who owns Dubai Hills?
EMAAR properties own Dubai Hills, and the builder is responsible for the construction of the overall community.

Q3- Is there a metro station in Dubai Hills?
About 11 minutes away- First Abu Dhabi Bank Metro station is the closest metro station that connects widely to the other parts of Dubai.

Q4- Can I get affordable apartments in Dubai Hills Estates?
Yes, under and above 1 million AED you can find different types of villas or apartments which are best suitable for all types of families, and even for investors, there are a bunch of options available.

Q5- How many families are living in Dubai Hills Estate?

21,896+ residents are living in Dubai Hills Estate over 5,796+ homes with 114 nationalities, so if you are planning to be a part of Dubai Hills Estate Dubai, then you will find a friendly and active environment along with better facilities where school, hospital, grocery store, gym and lots many options ameliorate the overall lifestyle of the residents.

Q6- What is the location of Dubai Hills Estate?

Dubai Hills Estate is located next to Al Barsha South located along with Al Khail road highway and it is within Mohammed Bin Rashid City, Dubai that connects to the major areas of Dubai. Dubai International Airport (20 min), Dubai Marina (15 min), Downtown Dubai (15 min) and more at an approachable distance. 

Q7- Is it possible for foreigners to buy property in Dubai Hills Estate?

Yes, foreigners can buy property in Dubai Hills Estate where the high range of freehold properties in villas & apartments give them good enough options to buy their property, starting from studio apartments AED 719,000 to 3 bed Villas AED 4,313,000 with 5.63% and 6.75% ROI respectively.

Q8- Which is the most popular community in Duba Hills Estate?

Maple is the most popular and desirable community in Duba Hills Estate where further it adds Sidra, Park Heights, Golf Place and Golf Grove.

Q9- How far is the bus station in Dubai Hills Estate?

The closest bus station is just 5 minutes away in the Al Barsha South neighbourhood and along with this; metro adds another benefit to the transportation for easy peasy travelling.

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