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DSP Technology - Advantage of Dubai’s Real Estate

If you want to sell your product faster and want to target the kind of people who are always in search of your product then you can use this latest DSP Technology. Now, this advanced technology is used in Dubai to boost the property market of Dubai. Let’s get to know more about it in detail.

DSP Technology - Advantage of Dubai’s Real Estate

Because of various opportunities in Dubai investors across the world are showing their great interest in Dubai Properties. Even the number of employment opportunities is also emerging in this city. That’s another prime reason to create more home demands in this lavish city of UAE.
Also, the government of UAE is taking more initiatives and implementing advanced plans in real estate to progress the industry. And the recent DSP Technology is adding more value to the property market of Dubai.  

Now real estate sector is also using advanced technology to boost the real estate markets and the best use of it can be seen in the Dubai Real Estate Market.   

A new yet advanced – DSP Technology is now used in the Dubai Real Estate Market to boost it.  Hence, in this blog, I am going to tell you about this latest technology. Usage of this advanced technology is easy and it provides information and allows the user to take the maximum benefits of it.  

Thus to understand this technology let’s have a glance at it and understand it clearly so that you can understand it well and know its better usage of it.   

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DSP Technology Introduction

DSP (Destination Services Providers) Technology refers to a programmatic advertisement. Such types of advertisement is refers to the use of the software. If I make it simpler it is also known as digital marketing. Mostly such type of advertisement is a display with video, ads banner and display ads. 

The purpose of such type of advertisement is to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time. Digital advertisements are mostly designed with complex analytics so that it can target the people who really seeking that product or service.
The best advantage of such types of technology is it gives you information on real-time based which means you can directly access multiple sources of inventory. DSP Technology always left a positive impression through advertisement by giving clicks, time on site, etc. 

Features oF DSP Technology

This new technology is gaining more popularity because it gives some special features to the user, let’s know it in detail:- 

  •  It allows the user to get the destination information and gives the option to customize the profile as per their manner
  •  User can easily edit their profile via this application
  •  The application is quite collaborative that allows you to communicate via chat and messenger
  •  According to your preference and budget user can find out the best property, additionally, the technology provides interactive videos,   pictures, and the ability to rate properties
  •  You can easily find out or point out the location nearby your properties as interactive maps are inserted. So that you can point out housing, schools and other points of interest located near the home 
  •  It gives you detailed guidance that allows you to make the process more smooth
  •  The best thing about this latest technology is, it can secure your documents while exchanging with the destination consultant

Real Estate Companies in Dubai Using DSP Technology

Entrepreneur and Real Estate tycoon Ahmed Elbartrawy is known for introducing this new technology to Dubai Real Estate lately. By introducing this technology it opens up a new gate for the end –users that make their home-buying process easy and help them to make a decision more smoothly. Here, it allows them to find the best property as per their budget and gives a completer tour of the project virtually.

Home buyers who are taking more interest in the Dubai Real Estate market can take the best advantage of this advanced technology. Advanced features such as interactive maps used in this technology allow the user to find out the location easily nearby their property. Similarly, it allows you to type in the map and figure out the place more easily.  

By introducing DSP Technology the real estate tycoon brought the most advanced tech facility near you. So, by using this technology you can explore the property market of Dubai and find out the best property for yourself.  It is calming that this new technology will boost the real estate market of Dubai. 

Here the Multi Tasking services from DSP Technology and Core logic- the cutting edged algorithmic technology gives you a whole bunch of information about a particular location. So you will get the complete details of that location and the peripheral of the site that will make the whole process easy and convenient for the end users. Also, it will help you to take the decision. 

Here the core logic will assist the user by providing other data and analytics and keeps them informed about the desired property they are seeking for. 

Why DSP Technology is gaining more popularity in Dubai?

Because the technology is introducing a special feature called Multi Listing Solution (MLS) which will provide the best helpful resources which is usually a property buyer requires while purchasing a property such as:-

  • Tax-related information 
  • Necessary paperwork 
  • Mortgage calculators 
  • Advice regarding the best time to purchase property 
  • Best time to rent a property

All this information can easily get able by using this technology which later helps you to make your decision easy.   And that’s the prime reason that it is predicted that this new technology will bring a new change in the real estate sector of Dubai. 

“We’re trying to establish a system that matches the United States of America, from the lead system to the technical information, so that we can help and support millions of brokers and consumers in the Middle East and around the world,” says Elbatrawy.

This MLS will increase many investment opportunities. It is expected that the real estate sector of Dubai can generate millions of dollars in revenue. In the entire Middle East Region now this advanced technology is making the home buying process more way like it is in the USA. 


DSP Technology is indeed the most effective way to advertise the product and this technology is now going to be used in Dubai Real Estate by Ahmed Elbertrawy - the  CEO of multimillion dollars DSP Technology and it is expected that soon it will boost the property market of Dubai.  Because when you display something digitally its impacts more positively.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DSP Technology?
It’s programmatic advertising – the process of buying advertisement inventory on the open market or through an AD exchange. Such advertisement is only run on online media as you can easily spot these advertisements on social media. Advertisements that run through DSP technology display aids digitally including videos, banners and display aids.   

What are the advantages of DSP Technology?

The purpose of DSP Technology is to reach people at the right time with the right message and the best part of this technology is it shows real-time information and shows that anytime you can get exact information about that special product. 

How DSP Technology will help Dubai Real estate?

We all know that Dubai is in the advanced phase and this developed city is carrying manifold opportunities within. Hence, for investment as well as living this is now considered the best destination in the world and investors, as well as end users around the world, are continuously checking Dubai. 

They are very much interested in Dubai and mostly in the property market of Dubai. Because buying a property in Dubai is the dream of every end-user who once gets in touch with this city and lavishness is what this city promise and delivers. Hence the demands for homes are continually increasing in this city.  
DSP Technology will help potential homebuyers to find out the best property in Dubai sitting anywhere. Because this technology is offering many special features like providing exact information about the property, location, and budget of the property, and even telling you which is the best time to purchase the property and rent out the property.  This would help potential home buyers to choose the best property as per their selection and credit score.  

Who has introduced DSP Technology in Dubai real estate market?

The real estate tycoon Ahmed Elbertrawy introduced this latest technology to Dubai real estate.

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