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The Emerging Demand Of Drone Technology In Real Estate

The rising demand for the best drone for real estate technology in the UAE is expected to rise to 122 million in 2023.

The Emerging Demand Of Drone Technology In Real Estate

The massive escalation in the market can be attributed to the increasing demand for commercial and military drones with the active involvement of regulatory firms such as DCAA and GCAA in various policies to support drone usage in multiple applications.

Moreover, technical improvements in drones, including higher endurance, are expected to increase the demand for drones in real estate in the upcoming years. 

The real estate market business is also increasing to speed up the process. Drones have been brought into the construction process in the development sector of the UAE real estate market. The market is pacing for change by teaching the usage of drone technology in its operations. 

The government took this decision to safeguard the health and resume workforce operations' simultaneously. 

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Perks of Leveraging the Best Drone for Real Estate Market

Numerous technologies are emerging nowadays, but with the advent of drone technology in the market, you can see various benefits. So here are some benefits of adopting the best drone for the real estate market.

1. Life-Savvy

The usage of drones can save many lives on the construction site as it can make you aware of any incidents or casualties if they happen. And can also avoid any accidents by fully utilizing them. It can survey damaged areas and assess ongoing threats considering the safety of rescue teams. 

2. Efficient Inspection

Managers can efficiently inspect the construction site using the best drone for the real estate market. They can be physically present in the area to get the work done by their subordinates. Hence, with the emergence of drone technology, managers benefited from the efficient and excellent inspection without even making a site visit. 

3. Easy Research Work

Drones have typically lowered the burden of managers as they don't need to visit the construction site for inspection purposes. Drone technology facilitates them by clicking pictures so that you can analyze those pictures and do proper research on the site where the construction is taking place or about to take place. Research work consumes more time in inspection and analysis. But why go anywhere if a drone is here? 

4. Eradicate Risk Factor

It's common to search potentially risky areas and conditions around. If it's possible to prevent workers from accessing those risk factors, what's the problem then? Drones are the best alternatives for you. You can efficiently and safely use the drone for maintenance survey and security purposes, where workers maneuver the tool from a safe place. 

5. Security And Surveillance

Using the best drone for the real estate industry to monitor a construction site and its working is a relatively new way to enhance safety and security measures. In such a case, drones embedded with infrared cameras are beneficial as they can detect unusual heat traces and thus prevent the site from catching fire. 

While drones having zoom and high-resolution technology will enable you to observe unauthorized personnel on site. These drones require significant battery life and improvements, primarily if they are consistently used. 

6. Marketing

The videos and aerial pictures clicked by drones contrive a strong visual impact on advertising. Companies can use the material for advertising & promote their businesses, plus to share it with end-users. 

7. Increased ROI And Cost Savings

It is still a costly step for some organizations to invest in drone technology. However, in the phase of significant investment, there will be futuristic and long-term advantages on the Return on Investment, which can exceed the initial costs. 

Many of the tasks that use drone technology consume more time if carried out with site-based tools and technologies that might result in economic loss for the organization. 

Prominent Areas Where You Can Use the Drone Technology

After scanning the benefits of drone real estate, it's time to examine some of the prominent areas where the construction sector can use drone technology. So, here you go! 

1. Project Monitoring

According to the famous real estate expert Mr. Rashid Khan, construction companies can fully utilize drone technology if they conduct progress monitoring. It can aid in reducing project value costs by 11.8 percent. Also, the time it consumes to assemble the snag list will get reduced by 32 percent. In addition, there is no longer an extended requirement for manual supervision and the associated cost. 

Manual editions can also be decreased by 25 percent, as recurring flights can be organized at a specific site with the help of drones. The adjective of these recurring flights is to monitor the progress consistently. 

Drones are famous for providing accurate data by leveraging their high-resolution cameras. And this trait can be leveraged by managers to find issues before they become expensive and take preventive and corrective measures timely. Managers can also come out with advanced solutions. Hence, splurging money can also be decreased because of the delay in project completion. 

2. Site Inspection

In addition to progress monitoring, surveying sites is another area where drone technology can be beneficial. And if you use drones, you can come out of the dangerous phase. Moreover, construction personnel didn't have to survey dangerous sites, including towering roofs, skyscrapers, etc. 

One can use drones on sites to prevent any casualties or work-related fatalities. Managers can see the footage of these dangerous sites without even being physically present at that place. 

Another phenomenal advantage of leveraging drones in construction sites is; they can necessarily reduce the task. In addition, when it comes to site inspection, observing a dangerous area can be time-consuming. But drones can do wonders for you in quickly identifying risky areas. Furthermore, it provides more accurate and precise data that can eradicate the possibility of any casualty. 

3. Site Mapping

It's a well-known fact that mapping construction sites is time-consuming and requires plenty of resources. However, with drones, you can complete the site mapping process impressively and speedily. 

The tasks are then performed accurately, plus the manager can keenly observe the updated data with drone technology. It aids in conducting fast-track analysis, and these traits of drones make them extraordinarily useful for large-scale projects. 

Before this, companies used helicopters to take site pictures for accurate mapping. It was a natural waste of resources as helicopters were flown over sites for click pictures. But drone technology has made the task even better. 

Report Scope

Dubai drone real estate market has divided into various categories as per the industry trends, which are listed below:

Market by Segment:

  • Commercial
  • Military

Market by Type: 

  • VTOL
  • HALE
  • MALE
  • TUAV
  • Fixed Wings
  • Others

Market by Region:

  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Ras al-Khaimah
  • Sharjah
  • Others

Market by Application:

  • Security
  • Photography, Monitoring, and Mapping
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Others

Market by Company:

  • Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • Parrot S.A.
  • General Atomics
  • SZ Dajiang Innovations Technology Co., Ltd
  • Northrop Grumman Corp.,
  • Others

Closing Thoughts

In a nutshell, there are various perks to adopting the best drone for the real estate industry. So, if you're thinking of switching to drone technology for better management and securing your real estate industry, believe us, it's the right choice! Go for it and run your real estate business like an absolute boss! 

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