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Best Communities In Dubai For Emaar Properties

Every time going out of the way in the field of real estate development the EMAAR Properties have created a strong niche in the Dubai market where they have unveiled many anomalous properties that have features to be a standalone property that uplifts the standard of its location, and this is all possible because of the strenuous efforts that have helped the builder to connect more the customers and being customer oriented project that ameliorates their standard of living.

Best Communities In Dubai For Emaar Properties

And the word EMAAR means “to build” where they use novel technology, impressive ideas, exotic layouts to more to justify the purpose of building a property, so with more than 276 properties they offer giant range of options to meet the purpose of building. 

And for this, there are many communities in Dubai where they have unlocked an exotic range of residential projects with a ceaseless range of options be it the villa, apartment, townhouse or duplex where the idea is to bring every option that targets every need, budget and taste of living.

So here in this blog, you will get all the deets on the communities where you can find out heaps of property choices by EMAAR Properties, so let us start with it one by one: - 

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One of the affordable communities in Dubai and now is the biggest metropolitan area in Dubai where the factors that draw attention is the capacity for creating 500,000 jobs, range of residential projects to reside 1 million people, home to MBRAH aerospace and more that makes this area Dubai South a great option for those who wants to live away from the chaos of the city and roughly it takes 35-40 min to reach Downtown.

So here are some of the best EMAAR properties that give you space to live or invest in a branded property: - 

GOLF VIEWS EMAAR SOUTH- Residential project where one can find the best combination of 1, 2, 3 and 4 BR apartments that are well based on its new layout to meet an exotic home space with 100 per cent accessibility, along with this, in Golf View EMAAR South residents are going to indulge in its mesmerizing view of golf that is worth to experience in order to add peace and stay around tranquil environment. 

EMAAR Greenway- Another latest residential housing where the major area is wrapped with greenery for picture perfect environment and to create a platform to connect with nature, and along with this, the great range of recreational amenities gives great use of the resources where every resident can stay content while living in this beautiful address EMAAR Greenway where its 3 & 4 BR townhouses give you ample of space to use and meet matchless set up. 


  • Better investment opportunity with affordable options 
  • Meet mega job opportunities
  • Away from city chaos
Golf View EMAAR South 1, 2, 3 and 4 BR apartments
EMAAR Greenway 3 & 4 BR townhouses


The community for those who love to live around water to meet tranquil environment, and live in a place that is well crafted for easy living with an addition of all ancillaries and in house water activities for fun and smart living, and then it is accessible from the prime road Sheikh Zayed Road that connects to every important place of Dubai, rest Rashid Yachts Marina is a comfortable community in Dubai that set up friendly ambience. 

So here are some of the best EMAAR properties that give you space to live or invest in a branded property: - 

EMAAR OCEAN STAR- Premium and exclusive housing space that is settled around the ocean where the site comes with the beautiful merge of 1-3 BR apartment where these are perfect to embrace the space, bold designs, enjoy privacy & ventilated and to create an admiring home space where this EMAAR Ocean Star turns out to be an address for life. And to grab true experience this site is nicely laced with good range of recreational activities to turn up the energy in the environment and get a place to indulge, socialize and thrill. 

EMAAR BAYLINE- A kind a place that gives you home like experience where the site gives you 1, 2 and 3 BR apartment & duplex that combines the right home choice for professionals, bachelors and families, to grab the full experience, this EMAAR Bayline is fitted with all modern amenities and a tranquil environment to meet all new elements that ameliorates the standard of living. 


  • Living around water
  • Get into Water based activities
  • Access to park your personal yacht
EMAAR Ocean Star 1-3 BR apartment
EMAAR Bayline 1, 2 and 3 BR apartment & duplex


Meet the desirable community where the EMAAR Properties have unveiled its premium range of developments with more than 10,000+ options that are planned exclusively to bring the cream of the crop options for those whose taste of living is at par showcase the new standards of choice that add a new dimension to the choice. And this community EMAAR Beachfront is going to be home to a giant mall fulfilling different desires be it tasting different cuisines, shopping brands, exploring games and more. 

So to have access to the private beach and the panoramic view of the Arabian Gulf adds a mind blowing experience altogether. And even it is a lucrative spot for investors as well with an ROI of more than 8%.

So here are some of the best EMAAR properties that give you space to live or invest in a branded property:

EMAAR BAYVIEW 2 BY ADDRESS RESORTS- Get into the private beach and true touch of luxury that upscales the standard of living where its resort style living makes the difference, and for the choice where you get the combination of 1-6 BR apartment where all of them are sea facing to get the gush of freshness all the time, so this EMAAR Bayview has it all to create a lavish living and a chance to live in the cream of the crop address by EMAAR Properties that make the difference in every development. 

EMAAR SEAPOINT-  Another option where you get the mixture of apartment & penthouse with sizes of 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 BR where these are the best and ideal housing option that fits in any family size, bachelor or professional, and the main point of conceptualizing of creating EMAAR Seapoint is to form an ideal housing space that merges with the novel needs to meet the exclusive side of living that belongs to modern families, and beachfront living is an addition to it. 


  • Cherish beachfront living 
  • Exclusive developments to meet high end needs
  • Tranquil environment
EMAAR Bayview 1-6 BR apartment
EMAAR Seapoint 1, 2, 3 and 4 BR apartment


One of the largest communities created by EMAAR Properties the area is planned for families to create a comfortable and ideal living experience where every single feature is infused inside to make living satisfying by serving everything within the area Emirates Living treats every member super active, further, the alluring landscaped, lakes and the series of trees to beautify the environment.

Some options to cherish around the tennis courts, basketball, BBQ pits, swimming pool, gym facilities, private garden and lots more in house activities are settled inside the community to form a space that makes the difference.

So here are some of the best EMAAR properties that give you space to live or invest in a branded property: -

EMAAR THE MEADOWS- If seeking for big space like a villa, then EMAAR The Meadows is the perfect spot to live inside where the smartly planned and executed villas give a personal touch of luxury, comfort, peace and joy to combine every new flavour of modern housing, and its community Emirates Living is a treat to live in this well organised housing everything makes the real change.

EMAAR GOLF HEIGHTS- As apartments are always in demand because of its ideal size and price, so for this, the EMAAR Properties bring its exclusive collection of 1, 2, 3 and 4 BR apartment with the maximum size of 1,9105 Sq. Ft. and the best part is that it is ready to move which means you can move to your home asap, and the USP of the project is its height and golf view that makes it special. So move in this ready home EMAAR Golf Heights that has everything ready inside to kick start a smart lifestyle. 


  • Development for excellent surroundings
  • Meet cream of the crop housing options
  • For elite segment 
EMAAR The Meadows Villas
EMAAR Golf Heights 1, 2, 3 and 4 BR apartment


So these are top 4 communities in Dubai where you can find out sought after residential projects by EMAAR Properties who is widely known for building home for tomorrow to match up the aura of Dubai, and rest for more options, Dubai Housing offers ceaseless options that too keeping the purpose of buying in mind, and they are aiders where the right assistance helps in meeting the desirable home of the year. 

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