• 4 & 5 BR
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Key Highlights of DAMAC Lush

DEVELOPMENT Residential with townhouses
FEATURES Be part of a new community with exceptional features
SURROUNDINGS Green veins & water bodies to form tranquil environment
USP Enjoy green veins around
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To give yourself a lavish side living! Time to give yourself a lavish side of living where the new address is well presented by DAMAC Properties to pack a beautiful side of modern development where the new address “DAMAC Riverside Lush Townhouse” holds the new side of living that encourages capacious living, stay in a secured cocoon, step into the heap of amenities and lots more to ameliorate the standard of living, so to experience this exotic housing here it gives you 4 & 5 BR townhouses that are based on its futuristic layout that opens up content space to live in. Apart from this, its location makes an impression where DAMAC Riverside is a new community with impeccable features and advantages that are equivalent to DAMAC Lagoons, Dubai, so a choice of a perfect.


Lush in DAMAC Riverside

The idea to give everything in its lush form!

These are not just the townhouses, but the experience of creating a mega housing where every feature is well infused to lift up the overall experience that is beyond because of its futuristic development here the builder promises every form of comfort and luxury together where most importantly the lush greenery creates a tranquil environment for which people around the world come to find the peace, but here you get that constant vibes to feel the difference and the joy.

Are you a family person? Then it is a good to go option because this is conceptualized for families only as they are big in size, peaceful environment, maintain harmony, secured premises and even more to bring families together and let them have a friendly ambience where even the area promotes active living where the leeway to get into its ceaseless in house facilities.

Further, you can have a look at its floor plan that makes these townhouses a true masterpiece because of the utilization of the space, amenities that are matchless because they are rare and then its location or community which is a newly planned area with novel developments where it forms a different area surrounded by riverside and greenery to blend together and form a friendly space to live in.

Before you go head just check out these factors or advantages of living in this premium property: -

  • One should invest here because of its capacious size of townhouses that give bigger living exposure
  • Its new community DAMAC Riverside that is a replica of DAMAC Lagoons
  • For exceptional amenities such as a floating cinema under the sky, floating stage, floating sports and even more great options give freedom to access them
  • The area is well planned on the green theme around water to have content living
  • Green and water vein creates an exceptional aura around the projects
  • Enjoy a branded home by DAMAC Properties
  • Secured premises to lock in fret free living
  • Enjoy sessions on culinary classes and floating opera for whole new exposure
  • Creates a perfect vacation spot with exceptional services
  • The area enjoys direct access from Emirates Road
  • Major highways and public transportation for easy connectivity
Amenities of

Lush By DAMAC Properties

Moving to a lifestyle that makes you a super active and energetic side of living, and for this, the new side adds premium services to bring you together with others and get into all the services easily where the gym, spa, clubhouse, sports hub and N number of options are loaded inside, and apart from this, its community holds exceptional additions of fitness on water, floating sports, water bodies for aromatherapy and more to bring the core level of fun and change the whole concept of living.

Swimming Pool
Jogging Track
Dining Outlets
Location of

Lush in DAMAC Riverside

Be part of the new community called DAMAC Riverside situated in Dubai Investments Park which is exactly on Emirate Road where the addition of public transportation ensures better connectivity to make travelling easier to stay well connected, now checkout the main spots of Dubai that are connected from this community: -

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We will tell you everything you need to know about DAMAC Lush

It is a new residential project which is a cluster of townhouse where that offers bigger space to experience and all are surrounded by lush greenery where the idea is to create eco friendly ambience that keeps the mood up, as the charm of living in such an exclusive property gives a way different exposure to the modern families.

One should invest in DAMAC Lush Townhouse Dubai because of its community that is planned exclusively on the new parameters that are just like DAMAC Lagoons which is already a leading community of Dubai, and then these lush townhouses are the set example for grand living where families can experience the real side of luxury living that is created in the heart of Dubai a city of tomorrow that has everything to embrace for quality living.

Yes, this new property gives 100 per cent ownership to its buyers where they can either have personal use or use it for rental purposes where both the ways can be used well, so this lush property gives you full authority to make the most out of it.

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